Where Does Time Go

As I begin this blog posting, I realized it has been eight days since my last post. Gee! Where does time go? Such a crazy question. Time moves on. Perhaps the better questions is, “Have I been so busy that I lost the since of time?” Regardless, it is a question which has no answer other than time moves on like water flowing down a river.

While we were on our vacation a few weeks ago, Sadie and Savannah went to a new home. Then on Saturday, June 30, Indy, Arkie and Domino went to their new home in Tampa, Florida. We miss our new friends. On our evening cleaning chores, I would call Arkie to come for an evening snack. From the bottom of the pasture she would turn to look toward me when I called her name. Then she would scamper up to the barn for her snack. I hope she has as good a home in Tampa as she had here. Arkie and Domino are in the background.
  IMG 0280
Indy is the Brown and White on the right.
     IMG 0276
Ricky and Indy had Barn 1 pasture all to themselves. With Indy gone, we moved Cricket to Barn 1 pasture on Sunday 7/1 so Ricky would have a barn buddy. At some point, we will move Ricky and Cricket to the front pasture where the other boys hang out.

On Wednesday 7/4 our daughter and grandson arrived for a short visit. We made trip to Atlanta’s Hartsfield–Jackson Airport. I was pretty impressed with the travel to the airport. The roads were well marked and the traffic was light. Of course it was a holiday so I did not encounter normal weekday traffic. The airport has a cell phone parking lot where folks can park for free while their arriving passengers make their way through baggage checkout. Just as we got Laura and Gage loaded in the truck, Atlanta weather got weird. A short thunderstorm dropped cold rain as I was getting their bags stowed in the back of the truck. I had the foresight to bring some large garbage bags with us so the luggage stayed dry as we traveled back to Blue Ridge.

Our first stop was Pappasito’s Cantina in Marrietta, just a bit north of Atlanta. While we prefer to stay away from chain restaurants but a trip to Pappasisto’s was worth it. The Pappas’ family has a reputation of excellent food service and great food. While they are primarily located in Texas, they do have locations in other states.  If you are ever near one of their restaurants, I highly recommend you stop by. You will not be disappointed.

We got Laura and Gage tucked away for a rest Wednesday night. Thursday, we embarked on a whirlwind tour of the area. Laura and Gage are pictured here with Hen, one of the female llamas.

IMG 0368
Thursday afternoon/evening we took a scenic drive through Northern Georgia, Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. That sounds like lots of miles but it was not. Blue Ridge is about 10 minutes south of the junction of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.
Following the scenic drive, we stopped at Horseshoe Bend Park in McCaysville, GA for a picnic supper on the Toccoa River and a Blue Grass Jam.
IMG 0365

DSC 0273
Just about the time we were grooving with the music, the wind picked up considerably. The WeatheBug app on my phone showed we were due for some rain in just a few minutes. We packed up and headed for a cool treat at DQ. Thursday came to an end too quickly.

Laura and Gage enjoyed the day and are beginning to understand the joy we have found in the mountains. The next few postings will tell the rest of the story.

Thanks for stopping by.

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