Day 2 Laura and Gage

A big Texas Howdy to Michelle from Michelle’s Big Dream. Welcome to WagginTailsRV. Hope our blog helps you reach your dream.

Friday July 6th was Laura and Gage’s 2nd day in Blue Ridge. This was a day to to head South to Amicalola Falls State Park in the Chattahoochee National Forest. The park is 36 miles from Blue Ridge which makes it an easy trip. There are lots of hiking trails in the area but our target is the Amicalola Falls. This water fall drops 729 feet from the top to the lake below and is the largest drop in the South East. The waterfall is accessible from the top (425 steps down to the viewing platform) or from the middle (with an easy 1/4 mile hike to the falls. The trail is made from recycled tires so it is a very soft hike.) A trail from the visitor’s center (8.5 miles) is also available for the die hard hiker. (Not me.)
   DSC 0267
There were stairs descending the middle section of the falls. I opted to not go down because what goes down must come up.
   DSC 0280
At the visitor’s center, one of the park staff brought at an Eastern Screech Owl. This owl was pretty small. He was probably bout 6-8 inches tall.
   DSC 0259
If you get squeamish over photos of snakes, you want to stop here. On the way back from the falls, we saw this snake enjoying a late lunch. Since I am not a snake expert, I will not venture to guess what the snake is. There was a family walking behind me who had three dogs. I point out the snake to them because I did not want one of their dogs to investigate.

  DSC 0287
Following that adventure, we decided to head back to Blue Ridge for dinner at Joe’s BBQ. Unfortunately we had to settle for a different BBQ place since Joe was closed for the week. After dinner, Carol and Gage headed to the movies to see Brave. Laura and I headed to the theater to see Greater Tuna. This play was absolutely hilarious. Two actors play 20 characters. We had a grand time. In fact I enjoyed it so much, I am taking Carol to see it at the end of this week.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about more of their visit. Thanks for stopping by.

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