Friday’s Musings

Strange title! I know it. Not sure what else would have worked for a blog title.

 My latest shipment from Camping World arrived today. It contained another FanTastic Vent fan for our bathroom and our first LED light replacement. We have enjoyed our first FanTastic Vent fan in the living room so much that we decided to get a second.

We have 3 double bulb pancake fixtures in the RV. The one in the bedroom is used quite a bit. These fixtures take incandescent bulbs (RG921 – 12V/18W T5 base). That also translates to 1.5A per bulb. We do not boondocks nor do we plan to. However, if we lose shore power we want the assurance that we can have lights when it is dark and not be too concerned about draining our batteries. Reducing power consumption in an RV is a good thing.

For the light, we selected the Dayight White LED over the Warm White LED because the Daylight White was about $20 cheaper. I am not a fan of the yellowish tint coming off most incandescent bulbs. I prefer a cooler white over a warmer white. Do the LED fixtures make a difference?

The incandescent bulbs can get pretty hot. It would not be unusual for the temperature of an incandescent bulb to hit 200 degrees F. A comparable LED fixture’s bulb  (with 36 LEDs) would produce less than 100 degrees of heat. Notice this photo of the old fixture. See the brown area on the white holder near the bulb? The discoloration is caused by heat. Heat is one of the three components needed to sustain fire.
   IMG 0354
I will admit it is very expensive to change out all incandescent bulbs/fixtures in the RV. Until a vendor will offer discounts for quantity purchasing (buy 2, get one free). I’ll replace the fixtures as I can.

My friend Susan and Bob (aka Travel Bug) mentioned a 3-2-1 cake in one of her blog entry the other day. She got the tip from another blogger. Susan and Bob are currently gate guarding in Texas. Tonight it was my turn to make this simple desert. The bag has the mix (one box angel food cake mix + one box yellow cake mix)
  IMG 0347
Place 3 tablespoons of mix in microwave safe dish (or cup). Add 2 tablespoons water. I then stired with a fork. Microwave on high for 1 minute. The cup on the right is done the one on the left is about to go into microwave. (NOTE TO SELF: use smaller cup)
   IMG 0348
Here is the final product I iced the cakes with cream cheese icing.
    IMG 0349
Comfort food for RVers. And it did not generate any heat in the RV. I like that.

We are continuing our search for a place to spend the winter in Texas. We have talked with several folks and are hoping we can make a final decision soon. As soon as we know where we are going, I’ll fill you in. In the meanwhile, we continue to enjoy the llama farm.

Thanks for stooping by.

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