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It’s A Wrap for Waller

Carol and I are on the move to a new location. We’ve had all the drama, miscommunication, disrespect and incompetence we can stand. The time was right for a change plus we got a good offer on a winter gig. More about that later.


Lone Star Yogi is a large destination RV Park about 35 miles Northwest of Houston. They have a medium-sized water park that includes water slides, lazy river, toddler splash pool, and a couple of adult pools. They have bout 150 RV sites, 150 cabins, 50 tent sites and a grand lodge that can accommodate 28 people. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the park stays pretty full. Most weekends are packed, especially the three-day weekends. On those busy weekends, the roads in the park are filled with people, bicycles, skate boards golf carts and the Yogi Express tram rides.

DSC_0902Yogi Theater is adjacent to the activities building in the center of the park. The theater plays kid friendly movies every night. The activities building is a bustling center of crafts, games and other things suitable for kids of all ages. The multi-level playscape is between the theater and activities building. Yogi’s Karaoke stage, basket ball, volleyball and horse shoe pit are also around the activities building.

DSC_0941A fully stocked fishing lake is popular spot for campers of all ages. No swimming or boating is allowed in the lake. Tell that to the ducks. The walking path around the lake is full of campers searching for that hot fishing hole.

DSC_0919Behind the flag pole is a free 18-hole miniature golf course. This spot is always full of people from 8AM until 10PM.

Yogi Golf CartsBecause of the size of the park, campers love to rent golf carts. This makes it easy for them to move from campsite to pool to activities. It also adds to the congestion in the park. Cars, trucks and RVs must really have a watchful eye as they travel through the park.

IMG_1951During the past 5 1/2 months, Carol worked in registration, supervised gate operations and hosted 16 international students from Thailand, China, and Dominican Republic. They called her their Texas Mom. I worked on construction projects and was available as backup maintenance when needed.  The registration center had a 3 station call center plus front desk. The phones never stopped ringing. At the gate, Carol trained 5 college/high school students on gate operations which primarily included checking guests into the park and registering day use folks who came for the day to use the water park. On Thursday and Friday, the gate generally had about 300 guest check-ins. Sunday was a busy day-use day. Tuesday was shopping day for the students. Carol made sure they had a good experience in Texas. They visited Blue Bell Ice Creamery in Brenham, TX. Legacy RV Resorts corporate office provided tickets for the Houston Astros baseball at Minute Maid Park. And they enjoyed shopping at the mall. In the photo above, you see them gathered around their Texas Mom for a farewell dinner they prepared for us just before we left. Each person contributed something toward the dinner. All I can say is the food was yummy, tasty and authentic.

IMG_1904My work was primarily construction. I worked with the corporate construction manager on several projects. We built two 20×20 storage buildings for housekeeping, added a new enclosure on the well house near the activity center. We also completed several smaller projects around the park. On a few occasions, I was called out to help out with park maintenance and pump propane.

DSC_0945So as we drive off for a little R&R with family, we simply said good-bye to Yogi Bear. It was an interesting summer, not one we care to repeat in this park. Maybe somewhere else in Texas.

That’s it for now, next we will tell you a little about our remodeling project and our winter workamping gig. Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.

Hand Shake

Wikipedia defines a handshake as a short ritual in which two people grasp one of each other’s right hands, in most cases accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands.

Most common uses of handshakes reflect meeting, parting, greeting, sportsmanship, offering congratulations, expressing gratitude.

I grew up in Texas. A handshake often means a gentleman’s agreement. It was a sign that a deal was accepted or that an agreement was reached by the parties involved in the agreement.

When we left Pioneer River Resort-Bandera on Tuesday, we had an agreement with the managers that we would return on Monday November 5th to begin our winter workamp position. Not only did we agree on terms, we shook hands with the manager. To me this meant we had a confirmed commitment.

Late this afternoon, we received a phone call from the manager of Pioneer River Resort-Bandera letting us know we would no longer be needed because a long time winter workamper had decided to come to Bandera. In other words, we got bumped by a former workamper. Apparently a gentleman’s handshake means different things to different folks. So once again we are searching for winter work. We are working on confirming an opportunity. We should know more about that in the next day or two.

Before we received that phone call, we planned our vacation in more detail. We knew we wanted to be in Corpus Christi over the weekend of October 26-28. We also wanted to spend a little time with our family in Corpus Christi, Houston, Burton and Canyon Lake. Here is what we came up with. Keep in mind that anything can change in a flash. The Modus Operandi of fulltime RVing is “Be Flexible.”

We depart Hidden Valley RV Park in San Antonio on Sunday 10/14 and head North to Potters Creek Park (COE) on Canyon Lake for some R&R.  Potters Creek has been a family favorite for a few years now. I may just decide to get a fishing license and do a little fishing. Carol plans to do some quilting work. There are plenty of other things to do around the RV as well. I may just drag out some tools and make some sawdust. There will be plenty of time for some serious grilling and hopefully there is not a burn ban in the park so we can even enjoy a fire or two. Want to join us for steaks and S’Mores? Come on. We will at Potters Creek for a week.

After a week at Potters Creek, we will head to Burton for a visit with my brother. We will look at setting up his side yard for plugging in our RV. Depending on what we feel like after that, we may decide to pull our Dometic refrigerator and install a residential refrigerator. Or we may decide to pull our Dometic Microwave and install a convection/microwave oven. Or we may just continue a little R&R. I think we may visit the Blue Bell Creamery to make sure they are producing the real stuff. Or we may just visit the Independence Coffee Company and get a couple of packages of Jet Fuel for my morning brew.

Following a few days at Burton, we will then head south for Corpus Christi. We will be babysitting our 8 y.o. grandson and enjoying shrimp at Snoopy’s Pier, breakfast at Town and Country and Andy’s Kitchen, TexMex at Taqueria Acapulco, Italian at Luciano’s, Oriental at Hua T’Ai. Sheesh! I don’t think we can eat all of that.

After Corpus Christi we will need more R&R so we are headed to Rockport to enjoy a few days on the Gulf. We might just act like tourist in addition to visiting a few friends.

Last stop on our vacation it Schulenburg RV Park in Schulenburg. We may decide to winter here next year. For many years while living in Corpus Christi, we would drive through Schulenburg. Many times we would think about stopping here and checking out the local spots. Now we finally have that opportunity. And we will get to spend our 45th wedding anniversary in this quaint town.

I’ll let you know about or next gig as soon as we get a genuine gentleman’s handshake on the deal. Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.