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Social Network Overload (SNO)

Have we reached a saturation point with Social Networks? I maintain accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, RVillage as well this blog on WordPress. There are times I feel like I am suffering from the effects of SNO.


FB StartI started Facebook in 2008 based on the suggestion of my daughters. It took me a while to get the hang of it. Now I use it daily to communicate with my friends. Next to blogging, Facebook is my most active social network application.


LinkedInI cannot remember when I initiated my LinkedIn account. I remember that it was a great way to network with my professional peers across the US and other countries. Prior to retirement, I was a corporate education manager and had a need to connect to other corporate education professionals outside of my home town of Corpus Christi, Texas. Since retirement, I still maintain connection with many of my pre-retirement professional network. I have expanded my network on LinkedIn to include several who are in the RVing world like I am.


Google+Shortly after Google opened Google+ to everyone in September 2011, I initiated my Google+ account. I already had an email account and a blog account on Google. It made sense to me to continue down Google avenue. I liked the idea of circles and felt Google+ was easier to use and manage than Facebook. The number of connections I have on Google+ are meaningless if my postings go unnoticed. At the moment with Google +, I feel like I am talking but no one is listening. Therefore, I am seriously considering closing my Google+ account. This blog post will auto post on my Google+ account. I’ll let you know if I get any feedback from anyone in my Google+ circles.

I have to be careful with that since Google has integrated most Google apps. I have files on Google Drive, photos in Picasa Web and Google+.


TwitterI know Twitter is the place to post short messages of 140 characters or less. I just have never gotten the hang of tweeting. Maybe one day there will be a Tweeting101 course like Blogging101.


InstagramInstagram’s primary purpose is mobile photo and video sharing. I got involved with Instagram in November 2013 after reading a couple of blogs focused on photography. I plan to keep this active because I do take a lot of photos with my phone.


RVillageRVillage is a social network designed for RVers. It is designed to make it easy for RVers to find other RVers based on location. As an example, I am currently in Amarillo, TX. Using RVillage, I can easily find other RVers in the Amarillo area. Or if I wanted to chat with RVers in Harrisonburg, VA, I could search that location in RVillage and find RVers who are in Harrisonburg.

One new feature just implemented in RVillage is MarketPlace. Members of RVillage can submit business recommendations on RVillage. Then when an RVer arrives in a new area, they can search MarketPlace for that area and see merchants that have been recommended by other RVers. That is pretty cool. I’ll save the details of RVillage for another blog post.

Are you experiencing the effects of SNO? I hope not. Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.




New Sidebar Links

I’ve added a few new links to our network. I hope you will take a look and consider being part of the family. You will find them in the sidebar on the right.

Blogging University

Blogging U.
This link takes our readers directly to the Blogging 101: From Zero to Hero online course. This is a free course sponsored by The Daily Post, a community of WordPress users and moderated by WordPress editors. While it is too late to register for the course, you can follow along with course assignments. You just won’t be involved in the community discussions. The Daily Post also sponsors other courses and blogging prompts that will help you become a better blogger.



RVillage is one of the hottest sites for RVers. RVillage is a social platform for RVers, campers, and otherwise “nomadic” people looking for friends and activities on their journeys. Once users register and create a profile, RVillagers can find other travelers based on similar interests and remain connected through smart mapping technology. I am an ambassador for RVillage which means:

  • if you are an RV Park, I can help you get listed on RVillage so RVers can find you
  • if you are an RVer or if you are thinking about it, I can help you set up your free account
  • if you are a business I can help you get listed in RVillage MarketPlace so the RVillage community can find your business

Which ever category defines you, click here to contact us.


HitchUpandGo is a clearing house of information for RVers or RVers to be. On their website, you can find:

  • RV Directory with links to RVing web sites, blogs, forums, videos and articles
  • RV Gear such as equipment, books, and software
  • RV Glossary of terms, types and weights

Additionally, you can sign up for their newsletter. Each newsletter provides a sample of the helpful information you will find on our website. Each newsletter will be packed with featured articles, tips and information to make your RV experiences a little better. Some of the other items we will be bringing you will be: our featured RV website, our featured RV blog, product reviews, campfire cooking, RV news and other RV related events.



Feedly is the news aggregate I wrote about in a previous blog. If you read several blogs, Feedly is for you. Read your blog or news feeds in one simple location. Whether you read blogs on your PC, tablet or smart phone, Feedly has an app for that.


That’s a lot of new things for Tales From The WagginMaster. I certainly hope you enjoy these additions. And I hope you visit them to see if there is something there you may enjoy. I think I’ll rest now. Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.