Catching Up

I cannot believe it has been one week since I last posted. I must be getting lazy. If I had an excuse it would just be an excuse.

6/1 Friday – I have now idea what we did other than our normal morning routine.

Motion X GPS 6/2 Saturday – We started the day with a chilly 46 degree morning. It was a beautiful day especially for bikers. They were all over the place. We drove to Marietta, GA a suburb of Atlanta. Carol wanted to go to Hancock Fabric store to do a little shopping. I found a cool app that I tested on the trip. Motion-X GPS is an app that tracks my speed, altitude and GPS location in real time. I can set it up for driving, walking, running, flying, hang gliding or several other modes of movement. Pretty cool technology. I’m looking forward to using it on our vacation trip next week.

6/3 Sunday – Church at Crossover Community Church. Happiness is the caboose of life. Why depend on life for happiness when you can chose joy to lead you on the rail of life. The beauty of this is that I can chose each day how my day will be.

6/4 Monday – I got started on washing the outside of the RV. Carol worked on deep cleaning and rearranging the inside. After grilling burgers, we went to see Snow White and The Huntsman.

6/5 Tuesday – we had a rainy morning. That mean not cleaning the pastures. We just chilled and did very little. I grilled Pork Chops rubbed with Applewood seasoning. Also had grilled Buttered Asparagus, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, and a glass of Black Swan Chardonnay. Life is good!
  IMG 0293
6/6 Wednesday – I finished washing the outside of the RV. I had to pace a block of 6×6 under one side of the ladder so it would be level and plumb with the RV.
  IMG 0845
Here you can see the before and after. Our roof has freckles.
  IMG 0298
We decided to go into to town for pizza. Blue Jean’s Pizza did a good job with their hand tossed pizza.

6/7 Thursday – After morning chores, I helped Pam load up Savannah and Sadie for their trip to the vet. They were getting their traveling papers. These two cuties will be deliver to their new home on the Saturday we come back from our vacation. You can tell from the photo that Savannah does not like getting into the trailer. Once in, she is OK. Getting out is another story.
IMG 0860

After a trip to town for breakfast and a stop at the post office, we settled in for a short nap. I brushed Cody today while Carol started grooming Qianna.

IMG 0301 IMG 0299

Saturday morning we take off on a short vacation. We are headed into Tennessee to visit my former boss. Then on the way back we are stopping in Cherokee, NC to visit with Alan and Marilyn McMillan, fellow RVers who are workamping at Yogi In the Smokies. We will be updating our blog as we travel along.

Thanks for stopping by.

4 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Hope you have a great vacation – you've earned it. Your wash job on the rig looks nice. I have never met the McMillans but I follow their blog and they seem like real nice people. enjoy your visit.

  2. We have weeks like that. When we're working there doesn't always seem to be time or much to share in the blog.Can't wait to see how that app works in "hang gliding" mode! LOL

  3. Looking forward to your visit, esp our workamping discussions:o) Be safe as you travel!

  4. Sounds like good productive days.

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