Busy Work Day.

Today was a busy busy day. Carol was up early this morning and wanted to get a jump on our chores. So we were out the door at 7:30.

When Carol finished her work, she went back to work on Qianna. Today was bath day. By the time I finished cleaning the pastures, Qianna was ready for the dryer. Now you don’t just use a standard hair dryer for a poodle. We use something with a little more air flow and power. This gets the job done.

While she finished up with Qianna, I decided to defrost the freezer. We are fortunate to have access to a residential refrigerator that freezes rock hard. I moved the contents of our freezer to the residential refrigerator’s freezer. Next it was time for the hair dryer. I am not not sure why we have a personal hair dryer in the bathroom but we do we both towel dry our hair.

It did not take long to defrost the freezer. A towel in the freezer collected the thawed ice. I tossed our remote temperature sensor into the freezer so I would know when the freezer is cold enough to load it. It did not take long for the temperature reach the mid teens.

When Carol finished with Qianna, she was ready for a nap and I went for a haircut. When I got back, it was time for me to get busy on prepping the outside for our trip. That means repacking the basement, checking tire pressure, and stowing stuff we are not taking with us. Next it was time to fire up the grill for burgers. While checking the batteries, I discovered one of the two batteries has some bad cells. So I may be shopping for a new battery while pin vacation.

Everything is pretty much ready for departure. Truck is fueled up, everything is stowed and we are ready for a restful night. Our first stop in the morning will be in Cleveland, TN where we will enjoy a Cracker Barrel breakfast. Then on to Waldens Creek Campground in Pigeon Forge where we will be for two nights.

Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “Busy Work Day.

  1. OHHH, a Cracker Barrel breakfast sounds so good. I am sitting here thinking I need breakfast with NO MILK, NO BREAD and no ambition to go grocery shopping. No it doesn't take long to defrost an RV fridge. Ours will sometimes freeze ice cream hard, other times it is mushy. Go figure.

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