Winter Workamp

We have completed two months working at Windy Valley Llama Farm and have had a blast. Pam and Jerry Fink are more like neighbors or family than boss for us. What a blessing to be working with such wonderful, open and trusting people. In four months, our time will be up here and we will begin traveling west and south as we make our way back to Texas for winter.

So, it is time for us to line up a workamp gig in Texas that will carry us through the next chapter of our amazing retirement journey. We’ve narrowed our target in Texas to be around the west side of San Antonio. This map pretty much shows the places we are considering.
Texas RV Possibilities
The route map means nothing. The green pins help us see the locations in relationship to San Antonio. So here are the initial locations:

A. Top of the Hill RV Resort in Boerne. This place is located just off I-10 which means it will probably be a noise place.
B. Pomarosa RV Park  in Bandera
C. Riverside RV Park in Bandera
D. Lake Medina RV Resort in Lake Hills
E. Harbour RV Resort in Lake Hills
F. Quiet Texas RV Park in Hondo
G. Castroville Regional Park a small city park in Castroville
H. Hidden Valley RV Park small private location in southeast San Antonio

These places made the initial list because of their proximity to San Antonio. We can add other places to this list as well.

Next step is to prepare a list of questions to ask these folks. If any of our readers have an interview form or list of questions you typically ask workamp locations that you would be willing to share with us, please let us know. You can use the “Contact Us” form on the right o this blog page to do that.

Thanks for stopping by.

4 responses to “Winter Workamp

  1. I stayed a few nights at Quiet Texas RV Park, really liked it. They have wind turbines on the property, the sound did not bother me, but I read reviews of the park that some people thought they were noisy. Do you check out reviews of the parks at

  2. I agree RV Park Reviews is a great source for checking campgrounds. Good luck with finding a winter spot!

  3. At Camp Fontanelle, NE where we just completed a NOMADS project they have a petting zoo. When we got there they had two male llamas. Last week they were given a female. Not real sure what those two males thought of her.I ALWAYS check with rvparkreviews

  4. Check out Kerrville, Texas. The area is lovely…abut an hour from San Antonio. There are some very nice RV parks there!

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