RV Mods, Schedule Shift and Other Stuff

It would appear we are shifting into another season. Summer is not far away. We get a fairly strong morning sun pouring into the RV on the dining room slide. Our awning is forward of the dining room so the bedroom is shaded in the morning. My engineering mind is cranking up a solution to have a portable awning on the dining room slide that can be put up or taken down as needed. When it is up, it needs to be secure. When it is down it needs not take up much room. Now I know I can order an awning from camping world but before I go to that expense, I want to try out the idea to see how big a difference it will make. Tomorrow I may get started on it. I’ll keep you posted.

Since it is starting to warm up, I think I will be shifting my work schedule a bit. I am normally up and about between 6:00 and 6:30AM. Rather than start at 8AM with working in the ladies barn before I feed the guys and clean the pastures, I think I’ll start earlier so I can finish earlier. I should be able to get the boys fed and pastures cleaned up by the time Carol is just about done with the girls. This would mean we are done earlier and can have breakfast before 11:30 or noon.

We finally got the Winegard Carryout and Dish working as it should. It took a conversation with two tech support people before they understood Livingston, TX is our permanent billing address, while our service address is now in Blue Ridge, GA and will change. So far we are please with the service.

One more RV mod is on the table. I plan to move the satellite receiver and BluRay surround sound controller out of the over head cabinet and mount them above the TV under the cabinet. This will serve two purposes. It will give us more storage room in the overhead bin, and it will give the equipment more air circulation which means they should remain cooler.

We are beginning to look for workamp assignment for November 2012 through April 2013. Our plan is to spend the month of October moving back into Texas and then get settled for the winter. I found a position at a ranch in Conroe, TX that sounds very much like what we do here. The work is with horses not llamas. The other workamp assignment I found was in Ft. Worth. Not sure I want to be that far north in Texas during the winter. That area can be pretty cold and icy. Ideally we would like to be somewhere near Houston or San Antonio. Or perhaps as far west as Kerrville or as far east as Livingston. Conroe is north of Houston and close to Livingston.
    Central Texas We have time to decide. If any of you have worked in the central Texas area and can recommend a location, we can check it out.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “RV Mods, Schedule Shift and Other Stuff

  1. I'll be watching to see what you come up with for the portable yet secure awning. Even though our awning was VERY secure in the ground, a freak tornadic/wind event trashed it last Autumn. Sure miss having the awning out all the time and still hopeful there might be some alternative. We had ours replaced and just put it out and back in vs. leaving it staked out.

  2. It has to be VERY calm before Len will allow the awning out. And then he secures it down. We never go anywhere with it out or even leave it out at night.Working in Tx during the winter sounds like a plan.

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