The Henley’s

First Saturday in May has been the date for the Henley Reunion since before God made Adam from dirt. Well, maybe not that long, but that has been the date for as long as I can remember. Pap and Grandma Henley came from somewhere and ended up somewhere near Boswell, TX.

The Henley reunion was held at the church in Boswell for some time. For the last several years, the reunion has been held at the South Forty RV Park in Giddings, Texas.

Pap and Grandma (Elva) Henley had 9 children. Adel, Addie, Alvin, Blanche, Donald, Johnny, Fay, Mildred, Nannie. Blanch is the person I am focusing on in this blog.

Blanche, aka Momma B, married Bill Barrett a long time ago. They had 5 children. Billie Jean, Ollie, Robert, and twins Linda & Glenda. Momma B and Granddad lived in Giddings, TX where they owned Barrett’s Beauty Shop on Main Street. Ollie and her husband Jimmie still live in Giddings.

Of this family group, let’s focus on Billie Jean. Billie Jean married Maurice ‘Babe’ Heck in the 40’s. They had three children: Carol, Jay and Donna. For me this is the important family group because Carol is my bride.

The photo below represent the first time all of Billie Jean’s children, and grand kids have been together in a long time. And there is still one person missing. Bryce is one of the grandchildren who spent that weekend with his dad. The guy on the top row in the green shirt is me. The red head next to me is my wife Carol. Third person from the right on the top row is Jay, Carol’s brother. On the bottom right, the guy in the striped shirt and blue shorts is sitting in front of Donna, Carol’s sister. All the other folks in the photo are kids and grand kids belonging to either Carol, Jay or Donna. It would be quiet a sight to see everyone together at one of the Henley Reunions.
    DSC 1096 Some of us are on FaceBook so we are able to keep up with family life through social media. Since we were not able to attend the reunion today, I asked one of our cousins to let the others know what we were doing and to freely share our blog address with the group. This morning we found out that our two daughters were able to attend the reunion. It made me feel good know that the Pearson’s were represented.

By not being there, we missed good family fellowship. We missed a chance to catch up on what everyone has been doing. And we missed some good Texas country cooking and BBQ Brisket.

Next year, we should be near Giddings on the first Saturday in May and hopefully we will just park at the South Forty RV park in Giddings, TX.

Thanks for stopping by.

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