Time for Something New

For 6 years I maintained a travel blog Tails From the WagginMaster.
Since we are no longer traveling as we did, I want to rename the blog and am looking for suggestions. Focus of the new blog will be writing about things God is teaching me. I will have a variety of things out there from Bible study aids, tips and techniques; thought provoking Bible studies and commentaries; prayer needs and responses; and I may even have guest writers occasionally. If you want to be a guest writer with topics that focus on spiritual things (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) let me know – we can talk about your guest post.
So here is the deal, send me your suggestions for the tile of this new blog. There are no million dollar prizes nor will you when a trip anywhere. I want to get this new blog launched by the end of August.

2 responses to “Time for Something New

  1. smallrvlifestyle

    Oh, you stopped traveling? Do you miss RVing and changing your neighborhood more often?

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes and no. We miss the adventure part but it was time for us to change. We love being around our grandchildren and kids more frequently now. I’ve started a Handyman business and absolutely love what I do. We still travel but do so more traditionally, meaning hotels. We continue communications with the many friends we made along the way.

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