Poop, Crap, Dung, Sh-t

Today has been a crappy day. When it rains here, we are not able to get ChuckWagon out into the pastures to clean poop. There is way more poop than the dung beetles can consume so it piles up. This is our job security, as long as there are llamas, there will be poop and we have a job. Now you’re thinking, “Oh Crap! Where is he going with this?”

Please don’t get me wrong here. We love what we do. Today was double duty day because for two days we were not able to clean the pastures. And to complicate the work schedule, Carol was not feeling well. She has chronic lower back and hip pains that get worse when the weather is cold or when she stresses her lower back or hip. The other day Carol aggravated her hip/lower back when we walked the boys. The last couple of days we’ve had wet and cold which also aggravates her joint pains. Today she was not walking very good at all. That means pasture cleanup was my duty. Thus, today was a crappy day.

After feeding the dogs, I helped Carol with harnessing Cherio, a large mini who just does not like being harnessed. Then Savannah and I went for our therapy walk. Savannah got hurt exiting the llama trailer a few months ago. Today she is fearful of the trailer. She tends to jump out instead of walk out. This is a problem because llamas can jump pretty high. Savannah has jumped high enough, while inside the trailer, to hit the top of the trailer. As you can imagine, this causes more stress for Savannah. I’ve been walking her to a spot on the grounds where there is a step off. This is to get her comfortable with the idea of stepping down. Today, Pam wanted to see how Savannah would do in the trailer. With a little coaxing, she stepped in just as she should, then when led out, she stepped out just as she should. Yeah!! Just call me the llama whisperer. She still has a long way to go but she is showing signs of improvement.

Finally, I am headed down to the boys barn to get them fixed up. Part of my chores down there is to make sure the two large water troughs are full of fresh water. The one on the left is being filled and the one on the right is full of yesterday’s dirty water.

IMG 0170 IMG 0171

While one water trough is filling, I got started on the poop scoop work. The guys always leave me a nice mess to clean up. Dirty on the left, clean on the right. The holes in the ground are bad by dung beetles coming for a snack.

  IMG 0172 IMG 0174 

Next the boys got harnessed and fed. Then I set out fresh hay. Finally I lead the boys on a stroll through their pasture. Do you remember their names? Rudy, Major Deal, then Cricket and Smudge.

IMG 0175 IMG 0176IMG 0177 IMG 0178 

OK, the boys are fed and happy now. So I climb into the ChuckWagon and go hunting for poop. If the dung beetles are doing their job, finding the poop is pretty easy. For piles like this, I use a broom. This is sort of like sweeping marbles off the ground. If the pile is in taller grass, a rake is needed.
   IMG 0179
Just about done with the boys pasture now, making my way down hill to the gate. See that dark spot on the light soil about 4 fence posts down hill? This is their communal spot. They always leave a big mess here.
   IMG 0180
And guess what? sh-t really rolls down hill. That is not just a figure of speech used in the business world. These little poop beans roll down the hill. This makes it a challenge to get the poop in the scoop. The boys pasture is cleaned now.

Next is the pasture belonging to the ladies-in-waiting. This pasture is next to the house and is our front yard. Their pasture is not too bad other than it is pretty steep. That makes for some tough walking up and down. I drive the ChuckWagon through here also and so far have not flipped it over on the turns. That would not be a pretty scene. Two more pastures to go, then I am done with the scooping.

I stopped by the RV to see how Carol is doing and to pick up Cody. He and I went together today to deliver our load to a farmer down the road. The framer is establishing the Blue Ridge Mountain Diner for the local dung beetles. It is just about time for the noon smorgasbord so I can’t be late. Too bad I do not have a dinner bell. Instead, I have to shout, “Come and get it.”

IMG 0181 IMG 0182 

Now, that is how my crappy day started.

After dumping, Cody and I came back to the RV, I got cleaned up, Carol and I ate breakfast, then I took a nap. Later in the afternoon Carol and I went grocery shopping. One of these days, we will get grocery shopping done on a weekly bases. I am sure we can save a few bucks by doing that. We shop at Ingles in Blue Ridge. There is a Food Lion in town but it is small and has limited selection. Walmart is a 34 mile round trip. Not sure I can save enough to offset the cost of fuel. Ingles is a cool store. It is very clean, has great selections and friendly staff. Most grocery stores have an aisle for cold beer. Ingles has a Beer Den How cool is that.
   IMG 0183
Well, that’s it for tonight. Hopefully Carol has rested her hip and lower back so she can join in on the fun tomorrow. This weekend, Blue Ridge is the 8th annual arts and crafts sale. 40 plus vendors selling items such as pottery, wood carvings, quilts, canned goods and much more. Live entertainment and food. Show be a fun time unless it rains.

Thanks for stopping by.

4 responses to “Poop, Crap, Dung, Sh-t

  1. Now I know everything I ever wanted to know about poop but was afraid to ask haha!! Just be glad you're not working in a zoo and cleaning up after the big lions. I promise not to complain anymore about picking up a blue bag of dog poop twice a day! You kids have fun now. Hope Carol is feeling better tomorrow.

  2. Well, I had never given much thought to today's subject but thanks (I think!) for the enlightenment! 😉 Sounds like you have a nice Saturday planned. Hope the weather holds out.

  3. Now I see what you mean about our posts going together. LOL Hope Carol feels better soon.

  4. So Sorry about Carol's discomfort. I said a prayer for her. Also, I never would have thought that Llama's poop would come out in pellets. I just assumed it was more like a horse or cow. Well I really do learn something new every day.

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