A River Runs Through It

OK. It is not a river, but rain water does run through it. It being the boys barn. There is a small water trough that carries rain water from the back side of the barn to the front. This morning we had rain that started sometime least night. Not sure how much but we had sufficient rain that we did not dare take out the Chuck Wagon. So, we donned our rain gear and took off. I went down hill from the RV directly to the boys barn while Carol went off to the basement porch where the ladies-in-waiting where waiting.
   IMG 0164
Pam was already at the basement porch checking on the ladies. Anytime now, we could have babies. She wrapped their tails so they would not get in the way during delivery. After tending these ladies, Pam and Carol slipped and slid up to the bigger girls barn. When it rains, these critters like to get out of the rain so they where already in the barn. I fed the boys and freshened their hay, then headed to the big girls barn. Carol and Pam had just about finished with their feeding and pampering by the time I got there. Sophie was finished with her breakfast and Bear was thinking about it.
   IMG 0731
This photo of Bear was not from this morning but is typical of how she devours her breakfast.

It was a good thing we were able to de-poop the pastures yesterday. I am sure the Dung Beetles were not happy with us cleaning up their meal. Trust me, they will not starve around here.

Since we had a short schedule this morning we got done early. Carol did not want a big breakfast this morning. She napped away while I fixed mine. After breakfast got cleaned up and I had a shower, it was 10:30. That is about the time we normally finish up our chores. With the extra time, I did some ‘puter work, while Carol enjoyed a leisurely morning. The steady rain gave way to light rain and finally to a misty rain. We should see sunshine by morning.

We firmed up our plans to visit Camping World in Chattanooga on Friday April 27th. They are having a large Satellite Days weekend sponsored by the folks from Dish Network. Our satellite will be on sale and they will have seminars all weekend long. It will be nice to be able to watch additional channels other than ABC once we get the dish set up. Yesterday, I posted a recommendation about the WeatherBug App for Smart Phones. Carol and I were sitting outside after completing our evening close chores. We were watching the clouds as the rain event was approaching. The llamas where out but quickly headed for their barn. WeatherBug’s real time active weather radar was showing the approaching rain. Within 5 minutes of seeing it on WeatherBug, the rain started and the temperature dropped. That was pretty cool. 

The ladies-in-waiting are still waiting so we do not have babies yet. We will let you know when they are no longer ladies-in-waiting.

Thanks for stopping by.

4 responses to “A River Runs Through It

  1. I always thought the weather changed quickly on the prairie, but seems more so in the hills!

  2. I was thinking we got our satellite in the Chattanooga Camping World but Len tells me it was Katy, TX. He's is probably right but I KNOW we've been to that one. You will enjoy having satellite.

  3. It will sure be fun to see the new babies.

  4. We call Poppy our weather ap dog, if she comes in wet…it's raining…if she's all white, its snowing…if she tries to hide, it's probably hailing or maybe getting ready to thunder! So far this trip, she's only come in wet a few times. Tonight she was hiding, cause there was a little thunder. Thanks for sharing about the Lamas.

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