The Countdown Begins

We arrived early at First Baptist Church, Maysville this morning and found the place packed with more people than the previous couple of weeks. Pastor John spoke about authentic ministry from Colossians 1:24-29. Ministry is not only for those who are paid to minister. Ministry is for all believers. He challenged us to answer one question; Do I really want to make a difference in my life and the world around me? He continued by giving us three traits of an authentic ministry.

  1. There is a divine calling to minister. In John 15:18-21, jesus tells His disciples what to expect of his ministers.
  2. There is a very clear message. That message can be based on life experiences. Think of this as God preparing us for ministry.
  3. We have identifiable goals to share the message with those around us. 

As we left church this morning we told Pastor John that this would be our last Sunday. He took time to pray for us as we were leaving. That’s pretty cool. FBC Maysville is a happening place. I am sure we will find a cool place to worship in or around Blue Ridge, GA.

A few readers have suggested some online church services we will investigate. Englewood Baptist Church in Rocky Mountain, NC and Church On The Eastern Shore in Fairhope, AL are a couple of places.

After church, we went to Jacksonville to watch The Hunger Games. The movie was well attended and really was pretty good. As difficult as it is for me to clearly understand the dialog, I was able to follow the story line pretty well. Carol said it followed the book pretty close. She was happy with the movie. Oh yeah, the pop corn was pretty good also. Yep, it was over priced as it always is. Carol snuck in a bag of M&M’s so I guess if you average it out, my pop corn was not too expensive.

After the movie, we went to Cook Out. The food tastes just as if it had been cooked outdoors on a grill so it does have a sense of uniqueness to it. I ordered a foot long dog with chili, cheese, onion, slaw and onion rings. Carol had a cheese burger. The serving sizes seem small compared to other places, but they are certainly adequate. The hot dog is covered with slaw so don’t think that is a lot of onions. The service was quick and the food is certainly good. I had a Cheerwine Float that was pretty tasty.

IMG 0077

As we were driving back home, we could see storm clouds on the West side of US 17 and sunshine on the East side. Here is what Weatherbug shows of todays forecast. We are located just above and to the right of the name Jacksonville.
   Weather 032512

When we got home, I took a snapshot of the sunny Eastern sky and stormy Western sky.

 IMG 0078 IMG 0079

Most of the storm system is going North of us. Plus the cooler weather over night will weaken the storm system. God is protecting us from the worst weather.

It seems hard to believe we have been here for almost 4 weeks now. Friday we pull out for our next stop on this adventure. We will have a short work week. Hopefully I can get a couple of dry days to get the lattice installed around the deck.

We are settled in for the evening. I am enjoying a little adult beverage from Australia (Black Swan Shiraz). Thanks for stopping by.

IMG 0080

One response to “The Countdown Begins

  1. Pastor John sounds like our kind of pastor. It's amazing how fast time flies when you're having fun — be safe as you head to GA!

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