A Half Day Schedule

Yesterday I mentioned that we would probably have rain most of the day. Well, there was a little drizzle going on during the morning hours mixed with some sun shine. Carol had cat duty this morning (I know, broken record) but at least today she was joined by another workamper, Corbly who scrubbed the floor while Carol clean cages and freshened the litter box. I fixed breakfast thinking she would be back after waking up the kitties. I ate mine and left her’s on the counter.

My task was to finish the deck before the wet weather event should that happen. Workamper Tom came to my rescue today. He worked on getting the deck boards secured. When we placed the deck boards initially, we only secured the perimeter. A hardy “Thank You” to Tom for completing this task. The concrete landing pad appears to be OK. Sorry for the blur across the top of the image. I gotta remember to keep my finger away from the camera eye on my iPhone. The second photo shows the completed stairs with railing. Cody was posing for me. All that is left is to attached the lattice below the deck.

  IMG 0072 IMG 0073 

As we travel to New Bern and Jacksonville, we see a few places that remind us of Texas. Places like Texas Roadhouse, is one. There is another place that we’ve not seen anywhere other than here; Texas Steakhouse & Saloon. There are 22 of these places locations in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. I am not one who eagerly eats steak at a restaurant because I can do a pretty good job grilling my own steak. Tonight we decided to give this place a try. I had Sirloin & Lump Crab Cake while Carol had Baby Back Ribs. I blurred the photos so I won’t post them here. I will say we were impressed. Steak was cook perfectly and was full of flavor. Carol’s Baby Back Ribs were very meaty and tender.

The only hiccup in the meal occurred when the steaks came out before we got our salads. We did order an appetizer and that can throw off food delivery schedules so we asked our waitress if she could be sure we got our salads before the steaks. When that did not happen, a fellow named H.J. came to our table and apologized for the mix up and said he would see that we got our salads and would remake the steaks so we could enjoy our meal as we had expected. Then the general manager came over to our table and also apologized for the mix up. She said the restaurant wanted to make sure diners have a good experience in the restaurant. Now that is good customer service.

Our Feb 22 blog entry On With The Adventure briefly tells about our stay at Frog City RV Park in Louisiana.  The morning we left Frog City RV Park, Carol and I had breakfast at Lucky Deuces Travel Plaza. While there, Carol was photographed as we ordered breakfast. The staff writer for the Acadia Parish Today newspaper was writing an article on this place and gave Carol web info where we could look up the article. Today, Carol gave me the slip of paper the writer left with her. Apparently this was a filler article and was used on March 19. We were there on Feb 22.

Sunday, Carol and I are going to see The Hunger Games. From what I’ve read about the movie, people either love it or hate it. I am sure Carol will enjoy the movie and I am sure the pop corn will be good. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

More wet weather is forecaste for Sunday. Thanks for stopping by.

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