More Deck Work

Are you getting tired of hearing about the deck work? I hope not, I love doing this kind of work. It will soon come to an end in a few more days. Then it will be time for us to think about packing up and heading to our next stop – Windy Valley Llamas in Blue Ridge, GA.

We planed a trip to New Bern today to get away for part of the day. Carol was off this morning so we were able to enjoy breakfast together. Then Cody and I took off for our job site.

Shortly after we got there, Lynne came by to see if it would be OK if she used my helper today. That’s the second time she asked me that since I started the deck. It felt odd having the owner of the shelter ask me if it was OK for her to use my helper TJ on a different project. I told her the same thing this time that I told her the last time. It was her up to her to use the volunteers where she felt they need to be.

So Cody and I proceeded with the work this morning. A couple of hours after I got started, Brogan (TJ’s little brother) came over and asked if I needed any help. Sure. Brogan kept me supplied with screws and help me line up the bottom railing around the deck. Then he help me build out the bottom half of the stairs. Brogan is a fast learner just like his older brother TJ. Here is my helper Brogan with Cody and the progress after today’s work.

IMG 0055IMG 0053 
Tomorrow I should be able to get the deck railing completed and finish up the steps. 
Every time we traveled to New Bern, we would pass a small red brick house identified as the Foscue Plantation house. Today we stopped by and had a guided tour of the three story house. My description of the property would not do it any justice, so I invite you to read the history on their website here
After completing the tour, we headed into New Bern for a quick trip to Walmart, Lowe’s and he AT&T store. We are considering adding tethering to my iPhone. We have had some hit and miss issues with our Verizon MiFi and are looking for solutions that give us more reliable Internet access. 
When we got back home to the farm, Carol took care of the afternoon cat feeding, then we had left over Michaelangelo’s Pizza. It was still as good as it was the first time. 
For the RVers in blog world, we are looking for routing suggestions that will get us from Maysville, NC to Blue Ridge, GA. Our travel goals are to travel no more than 200 miles each day. We have some flexibly so if there is someplace along the way we need to spend a couple of days, that would be acceptable. Feel free to leave a comment here or you can send me a private message using the Contact Us link on the side of the blog page. 
Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “More Deck Work

  1. You did a great job on that deck – looks good. Nice little helper you have there. Thanks for the link to the plantation house site. Very interesting piece of history. Sorry, can't help you on your route.

  2. Nice deck! Nice helper! Nice Cody!Hey, re: traveling to GA, if you are in the Cherokee, NC area, I can highly recommend Happy Holiday RV Village. It is on Cherokee Land, run by Cherokee People. We stayed there for two weeks back in the Fall of 2010 and found it to be just about Heaven on Earth. The families had recently taken over park operations and were painting restrooms, etc. All facilities were clean, the sites spacious and lovely and the place was quiet and beautiful. Only thing was no cell phone signal because of being in a valley. Had to go to town to make calls. We had a strong signal on our satellite Internet, though. Easy in, easy out. We were escorted (even at 10 PM) to our site and next day they came and cut branches that were too low to our rig. Laundromat on site Here's a link:'s basically in the Smokies with the park entrance not far away; same thing with the Blue Ridge Parkway. Gee, can you tell I liked it? 😉

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