Well, We Did It

No, I did not finish the deck today. It is still a work in progress. You will see later in this post. So what is it we did that was a first? Actually, we did two things.

First, we exceeded our monthly allocation of 5G data download with Verizon. That is not such a bad thing because I know exactly how it happened. Tuesday I received an email from Verizon stating we had reached 50% of our monthly data allocation. So what happened between Tuesday and today? I downloaded Adobe Photoshop Element, a huge file from ADOBE. It was my intent to download this while sitting in Starbucks or some other free hotspot. The file is 2.1G. Next time I want to download such a large file, I will borrow someone else’s WiFi. We do have access to Safe Harbor’s WiFi but have had connection issues. This is why we have been relying on our Verizon MiFi for Internet. Verizon gives us an additional 1G for 10 bucks so the penalty is not really a penalty at all. Our MiFi has been operating pretty well for the past several days. Next month’s allocation of 5G starts on 3/25.

The second first we did today was trip a 30 Amp circuit breaker on the service panel that feeds the RV. I was coming out of the shower and Carol was fixing supper. I thought I saw something flash but then I sometimes see weird things. Carol came up to me and said – – – – -. Her lips were moving but I did not have my hearing aids in so I heard nothing. After I got the hearing aids are in she said, “I think we blew a fuse.” Taking inventory I can see the microwave is off, the TV is off, the ceiling fan is off, the A/C is off. It appears everything that runs on 110 volts is off.

Carol, was the dryer on? Yes. OK when the A/C is running we cannot run the dryer and microwave at the same time, especially when we are plugged in to less than 50 Amps. Once I found the circuit panel that powers the RV sites, I found our circuit had been tripped. I reset the breaker and of course we are back in business. We finished dinner then I had some Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream. Yummy.

Pumpkincheesecake B J
Now for an update on the deck project. Again, I am working solo today. Lynne stopped by to check out the progress and was very happy with what she saw. I finished the deck rails.

  IMG 0060 IMG 0059 

Next job to tackle is the stairs. I thought it would be cool to have a solid landing at the base of the stairs. I have about 2 1/2 bags of Redi-Mix left over so that should just about do it. I’ll find out tomorrow when the cement should be cured. In the previous photo you can see the concrete pad. Below is the work that had to be done to get the frame in place so I could pour the Redi-Mix.

  IMG 0057 IMG 0058 

Remember my telling you about Carol having to cut mats out of Buttercup? Well, she has come out of hiding. Please do not laugh. Buttercup is very sensitive about her stately appearance. As I took a few photos of her, I kept telling her it will grow back. Hopefully, someone here at the farm will help her stay groomed so she does not get badly matted as she was.
   IMG 0061
Tomorrow may be a short work day. Weatherbug is forecasting a pretty wet day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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