Lazy Day

After a busy week, we had a day off today. That means Carol got to sleep real late. I was up at my usual 0630 while Carol did not get up until 0830. In her defense, she did stay up until 12:30AM finishing a book she just could not put down. Today is Sunday meaning we get to have breakfast at Pop’s Diner and then visit First Baptist Church Maysville again. Pop’s is sure a cool little diner to go to. The staff there are very friendly and the food is very good. We highly recommend this place to anyone who is traveling through Maysville.

Worship this morning at FBC was supercharged again. Pastor John had another power packed message about Christ like renovation. FBC was also packed this morning. The choir sang enthusiastically while the church did their part in worshipping with a happy heart.

The weather this morning included cloudy skies and a little rain. We had planned to visit the beach this afternoon with the doggies. Due to the weather, we decided to postpone that for another day. After church we just chilled at the farm a bit then decided it was time to get a bite to eat. I found a cool place to go (Kathryn’s Bistro and Martini Bar on Emerald Isle. Unfortunately they were closed today. That is OK. I’ll save this for later in the week.

We decided to take a risk and visit a Mexican Restaurant. We found El Zarape on Emerald Isle and found several good reviews of this place. This place was a bit off the beaten path. If it were not for GPS, we probably would have trouble finding it. We backed into the parking slot. I kept a close eye on the back wheels. Good thing there was a parking curb at the end of the asphalt.

IMG 0022 IMG 0021 

We took our seats and could have easily imagined we were in Texas. The music, atmosphere and even the aroma of the place made us feel pretty good about the restaurant selection. I chose Camarones Diablo, a spicy shrimp dish while Carol ordered a Chicken Quesadilla and Chicken Chalupa combination. We ordered Shrimp Nachos for an appetizer but never got that. Other than that, I have to say that this place was a hit. The flavor was truly TexMex. The chips were crisp. The salsa was a bit bland but the hot sauce on the table fixed that. If you have the Smell-O-Vision option on your display, you can scratch-n-sniff your monitor to get a sense of our authentic meal.
   IMG 0023
After getting back to Maysville, I gave our truck a drink of diesel at 4.09/gal. Before signing off for tonight, I thought I would show you some of the work that went on at the dog park yesterday. This will be a great place for doggies to run and play in a safe area.

 IMG 0130 IMG 0131 IMG 0132 

 Thanks for stopping by.

3 responses to “Lazy Day

  1. If at any time on a Sun morn, you are unable to make it to church, I encourage you to watch Englewood Bapt Ch in realtime thru your computer. Dr Cloer is an excellent teacher/pastor and the music is awesome! We visit there when we are at our kids' house in Rocky Mount, NC and watch it most Sunday mornings when we are on the road hoping to catch a glimpse of the kids…LOL

  2. Just visited the link Marilyn posted – pretty good music!! I'm listening to it right now. Glad you enjoyed your service this morning.

  3. Good to hear that good Tex Mex can be found outside of Texas. I've been to Chuy's at least once a week while here in Austin. I'm afraid there will be no Tex Mex over the summer in ND… 😦

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