WARNING! Do Not Swim In Yellow Water!

A hardy howdy to Alicia and Betty who have recently started following our blog. Alicia is half of the duo who are responsible for selling this rig to us. She and her husband Slade own and operated Rolling Retreats in Elk City, OK.  If you are hunting for a travel rig, I highly recommend you visit them. They are the real deal.

Betty is a Texan and her husband Dave is a Scott.  They are currently in NJ on assignment. Betty and Dave are competitive cyclist among other things. Maggie is their fur baby.  Betty writes their blog Phoenix Once Again.

We have had several days of high pollen counts. Most cars in the area are covered with a yellow dust that is the result of the high pollen count. Today, Carol and I went to Jacksonville to get decking boards so I can get the deck finished. When we got back, we unloaded the truck, loaded up the doggies then headed for the beach. Today is our second day off so we wanted to just sit on the beach for a while and enjoy the ocean breeze and listen to the waves.

We found a beach public access parking lot on Emerald Isle about 20 miles from Maysville. The beaches in Texas are open access. In North Carolina, especially where we are on the southern portion of the outer banks, this is not the case. Commercial and residential property line the beaches. There are public access points along the coast but not open beach like you wold find in Padre Island or Galveston.

We parked in a public lot, then walked quiet a distance to the spot where we planted our chairs. There were a few spring breakers on the beach. Nothing like the crowds in Texas or Florida. The sand is very soft. Walking takes a bit of work; good exercise for us. It was funny watching the doggies on the sand. This was a new experience for them. They did OK once they got the hang of it.

   DSC 2354 DSC 2353 
There are leash laws here so we are not allowed to let the doggies run free. It was a little challenging hanging on to them while the few groups of people walked past. Cody found his groove pretty quickly. I guess he just had to mark his spot on the beach. It was a good thing the sand was not wet or he would have been covered in sand. As dry as it was, he was able to shake it off.
  IMG 0565 IMG 0568 
I was watching the water, not that I have never seen breakers before. The breakers here are very small and close to shore. That is due to the contour of the shoreline. No sand bars here like in Texas. The water had a noticeable yellow layer on top that had to be related to the high pollen count. The yellow pollen just seem to stay in put. Even though you could see the sand and water mix, the yellow pollen just floated in place. I did get some interesting shots of this.
  DSC 2360 DSC 2370

DSC 2384

The water kept creeping up on us so we kept moving back. Eventually we were in pretty soft sand and decided to pack up and head back. Considering we are not big beach people, we actually enjoyed the outing. Next time we will bring some different things and perhaps even take a stroll down the beach with the doggies. When we got back to Safe Harbor, I asked Carol to take a couple of photos of the dog park as it is now. This will be a great place for doggies to run free once it completed.

  IMG 0570 IMG 0571

Tuesday Carol has early doggie duty and I will fix breakfast. Then I will start installing the deck boards on my deck project. We did get a couple of more Workampers over the past couple of days. It is hard to imagine that our work will wind down in 10 days. This has been an enjoyable experience for us.

Thanks for stopping by.

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