Scarecrow Stomp

Today is our last day off. We have four working days this week, then we pull out on Saturday to begin our 1100 mile trip to Texas. Friday night will probably be a restless night knowing we leave on Saturday. SIGH!

Taking care of business today – we took Patches (our Calico) for her annual vet visit. We felt it would be easier to do that now rather than wait until we got to Texas. Dr. Vet said she was in fine physical shape. We should have her blood work results by Wednesday. Cody and Qianna had their annual checkup a month ago.

Since today is our last day off, we opted to take a trip to the Scarecrow Stomp in Dahlonega, GA. This festival is kinda like a kick-off for the fall festivals in North Georgia. As we drove the 58 miles to Dahlonega, we passed Burt’s Farm and caught a quick glimpse of a sea of orange better  know as a pumpkin patch. It was our intention to stop there on the way back but that did not happen because I took a scenic route back from Dahlonega. (meaning I missed a turn). So tomorrow, Cody and I will drive back to Burt’s Farm for a photo of the sea of orange while Carol and the other fur babies stay home to rest.

In Dahlonega, we drove right to the town square and parked just about in the same slot when were there a few weeks ago. Cody and Qianna went with us so they could take a stroll around the square and enjoy the scarecrows also. Not all scarecrows are meant to scare. In fact, based on the scarecrows we saw, they were quiet charming. We photographed about 35 of the 60+ scarecrows that are located all through town. Folks can vote on their favorite scarecrows. The scarecrows will be auctioned off on Saturday. We hope you enjoy our sample of scarecrows.

On the way back, we stopped in Ellijay to have a second helping of ribs from Shane’s Rib Shack. If there is a Shane’s Rib Shack in your neighborhood and you have not checked them out yet, you are missing a treat. Seriously, this place has the best ribs outside of Texas.

After returning to our RV, we settled in for the evening. It did not take long before the rain started. No wind – just rain. Depending on how wet the pastures are, we may not get a chance to scoop in the morning. Oh darn!

That’s about it for our exciting day. We have four days to rearrange the basement and pack our stuff away.

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.

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