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Welcome to our new follower Dawn.  I met Dawn years ago when I first started working as a computer trainer at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi. Dawn joined our company and was setting up computer training at Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi. She has since left Corpus Christi and is now living her adventure in Hawaii. Welcome, Dawn.

Today was a weird weather day. We knew there would be some rain because of a cold front coming through. We just did not know how much or how intense.

Tuesday we got some light rain in the afternoon. Nothing serious but enough to keep me from working on the electric fence. (More on that later.) This morning while I was enjoying a cup of coffee, I heard rain beating on the RV.

By the time we were ready to head out to the barns, it was raining pretty good. The llamas are pretty good about not making a mess in the barn over night. With the morning rain, the darlings where waiting for us. The two new moms and their babies where waiting for Carol in Barn 1, and the other 9 where in Barn 2. As I made my way through the gate to barn 2, Dolly decided she did not want to cooperate. In the rain, she decided to head out to pasture. Once she figures out that I am the hand that feeds, she will be back.

This is an example of how they just mingle in the morning.

IMG 0198 This is how they are supposed to be lined up for breakfast. Six of them would be harnessed for breakfast and three have a stall. These photos are from a sunny day, not this morning.
   IMG 0736 By the time I got 8 harnessed or in a stall and fed, Dolly decided she wanted breakfast so she was last to be harnessed and fed. I told her I run a tight ship. When it is time to eat, she needs to be ready. I am sure she will cooperate tomorrow.

Carol finished up in Barn 1 and Barn 2 while I walked down to the boy’s barn. Normally, I am taking the Chuck Wagon down since I would be cleaning pastures after the boys are fed. Not today. By the time I got to the boys, I was drenched – not from rain, but from sweat. My rain jacket keeps me dry from the rain but does not breath so it is like I am wearing a sauna. If any of you know of good rain gear that keeps the wearer dry and is not like wearing a sauna jacket, please let me know.

The boys were waiting and cooperated just as I expected. Of course the rain kept them in the barn. They are such wimps – can’t stand getting wet.

As the day progressed, the rain lightened up and the temperature began to fall. By 3PM, it was 58 degrees outside. We had the doors and windows open in the RV so you can imagine it was getting a bit chilly. By 5PM, the sun came out and the temperature came back up about 10 degrees. Tonight, the forecast low is 47 degrees.

For the next few days, we will have cooler temperatures. That suits me just fine – as long as it is sunny and not raining. That will be perfect weather for me to walk the line to make sure the electric fence is clear of debris and not shorted anywhere. I have already found several places that have bad splices. I wonder if I can work on a hot fence while wearing my heavy duty rubber gloves. I’ll let you know.

Thanks for stopping by.

3 responses to “Yo Yo Weather

  1. Jerry,Sometimes the heavy rubber gloves are a problem with being bulky and if you poke a hole in them, watch out! So instead, consider a pair of good rubber overshoes and a 2" x 8" board about 18" long. With that combination, unless the fence charger is really hot, you should be able to work with it by wearing the overshoes and standing on the board.An easier thought. Is your fence on metal posts with insulators? If so, take along a battery jumper cable. Hook one end to the wire and the other to a metal post. That lets the charger "short out" while you are working on splices or breaks. However, you need to know which direction the current is running. We used to build fences and would not "cross over" at the last corner post. If we managed to remember on which side the charger was on, we put the cable on that side.Otherwise, take two cables and attach to posts on each side of your breaks.

  2. for rain gear, look for a set of Frogg Toggs. These are very light weight and breath better than the "rubber" style ones.They can be found at most sporting goods stores in the fishing dept. aldo most motorcycle shops sell them as well.

  3. Those llamas are so darned cute!!Susanhttp://TravelBug-Susan.blogspot.com

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