Big Tour

Friday we abbreviated our chores so we could take a wild tour of the area led by our boss and owner of Windy Valley Llamas. I’ll tell you in advance that I do not have any photos since we spent the majority of our time in the car. The purpose of the tour was to show us some interesting places for us to visit during our stay here.

First stop was the point where North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia state lines merge. We took Wolf Creek Road from GA-60 to the tri-state intersection. Since that intersection is nearby we will investigate that area more closely and get photos when we go back in a few days.

We continued on Wolf Creek Road into North Carolina, connected up with US 74 and headed west through Ducktown to the Ocee Whitewater Center. This was the location of the Canoe, Kayak and Slalom events during the 1966 Summer Olympics. We drove past this area when we went to Chattanooga. Now we have it our our schedule to go back when the water flows during the summer.

From there everything gets fuzzy – too many places to remember. We drove through Morganton Point Recreation Area which appears to be an under used National Park Campground. That is partly due to low water level in the lake.

Next we moved on to Lake Nottely north of Blairsville. We look at some property that would make a nice investment. Property was foreclosed and now bank wants to move it. Property can be had for about 35-40% of its value, it currently has hook ups for 4 RVs that could be increased to 8.

Then it was on to Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds in Hiawassee, GA. This is a pretty cool place. George Jones will be there on May 26. They also take Workampers who work in various areas during the event season. After lunch in Hiawassee, we drove through several private campgrounds where sites are owned by individuals. Pretty cool concept – like a co-op. Very nice sites and nestled in some pretty quiet areas. 

Finally we headed back to the farm. We were tired from the 6 hour trip. Fortunate for us, the llamas did not leave us a big mess to clean up so we finished our evening chores in less than an hour.

UPS delivered a couple of packages for me today. One was a Fan-Tastic Vent 6600R fan to replace the one we have in the living room. This fan is supposed to be quieter plus it draws air in or out and comes with a remote control. I get to install that in a few days. Our living room fan works but it is sure noisy. I may keep the old fan to see if I can make an exhaust fan for keeping the refrigerator vents cooler in the summer heat.

The other package was a Western Digital 1T external hard drive that will allow us to record programs from our Dish Receiver. After a simple install, I can now record lots of HD hours. By the way 1T = 1 tera bytes. That is 1,000 giga-bytes. Found it for $99 at Newegg.

Oh yeah! I also got the fence fixed. I found a spot where the electric fence wire was wrapped around the fence fabric. Once I cleared that, the fence was hot. The jolt was not as bad as I thought it would be. The pocket fence tester also told me it was working. I know I should have turned off the controller. Had I done that, I would not have known the fence was fixed. There are two places where the fence is not hot. One is in front of our RV so our doggies will not get jolted, and the other is a section of the fence near the other RV site. That is one more item check off the list of other stuff that needs to get done.

Tomorrow we will have a busy day of cleaning the pasture. I’ve been watching the llamas and can say they have been doing their part in giving me job security. FYI – scooping poop is better than any day in an office or cube. Also tomorrow I will get a haircut and barber shave.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I'd rather scoop poop than work in an office too!

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