One More Day

About 7PM tonight, I realized we are not going to leave Friday AM as planned. We spent longer in New Bern than planned and I discovered ants in our basement today.

This morning, I completed the last project that was on my To Do List – installed a solar motion sensing security light in the doggie yard by the dog center. That was an easy task. After that, I started gathering my tools and decided to finished a tool divider I had started for one of my tool boxes. While I worked on that, Lynne asked for my help in moving a couple of used telephone poles. Actually her tractor did the moving, I just helped her get the poles attached to the tractor so she cold drag them into place.

Carol took some time this morning to show a new volunteer how to tend to the cats. Then she finished the laundry and got more packing completed inside. Around noon, I came in to wash up so we could head to New Bern. Lowe’s, Walmart, Petsmart, AT&T Store, and car wash are our targets. Lots to do and so little time to get it done.

The trip to New Bern takes us through Pollicksville.  On the main drag through town is Trent Restaurant. Since we are  leaving the area, we decided to stop for a bite to eat. This is another cool local eatery. No web site, nothing fancy, just simple home cooking and good food.

OK, we made it to Lowe’s. My circular saw bit the dust, The bearing is going out on it so it’s time for a new toy. One of my blogger friends Phyllis from The East Head West commented how men always find a reason to buy new tools. Well, my reason is my old one broke. So I got a good one this time. Meet my new Porter-Cable 15-Amp work horse.
  Porter Cable
Next stop was Walmart. Got everything on the list plus a few other items. Roasted Lemon-Pepper chicken will be dinner tonight. Pet Smart is next. Every time I’ve been in this store, there are hardly any people there. Not sure how they stay profitable. Got dog food and cat litter. Next stop, AT&T Store. This is where we spent a bit of time. Carol and I along with our daughter in Corpus Christi are on one phone plan. By switching ownership of the account, I can get a 15% military discount on the main line. We are experimenting with setting up my iPhone as a hot spot so we have an alternative Internet connection. Verizon has not been very reliable for us.

Finally left AT&T, made a pit stop at Starbucks (in side Target), then headed for car wash. Scrub, scrub, spray, spray, rinse, rinse. The red dragon is finally clean again – at least on the outside.

We got back to Maysville around 5:30. Carol had cat duty this afternoon, and I got started putting things away. Of course I had to find me a piece of wood to cut with my new saw. Lots of power. I’m going to like this one.  It comes in its own case so I had to do some rearranging in the garage to get it in. Then as I stowed my drill in one side of the basement, I discovered we have ants. Sheesh! I found the nest and got it out of the basement. (Note to self – be more diligent in practicing critter/insect blocking techniques.)

As I stated at the beginning of the blog, by 7PM, I realized we are not going to leave on Friday as planned. So, what are we going to do Friday? Task list includes:

  • Load the truck. 
  • Clean inside of truck. 
  • Empty basement to check for more ants and other unwelcome guests. 
  • Reload basement. 
  • Wash RV. 
  • Check tires, batteries. 
  • Lube trailer hitch. 
  • Other duties as assigned. 

Saturday we leave for Blue Ridge, GA.

Now, on a note of interest. As we have driven around New Bern for the past 4 weeks, we’ve noticed colorful bear statues around town. Below are a couple of these bear statues. Meet Money Bear and Momma Bear.

 IMG 0090 IMG 0091

So I did a little research and found Bear Town Bears. This was a public art project that features the work of local artists and was done in 2010 as the city of New Bern celebrated it’s 300th anniversary. Pretty cool.

We should be able to get things ready on Friday for the first leg of our trip. Our plan is to head to Hagan-Stone Park in Pleasant Garden, just a bit South East of Greensboro, NC on Saturday. Then someplace around Asheville on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by.

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