24 Hours Later

At 4PM today, we finally got it done. We are ready to go.

  • Load the truck – Done 
  • Clean inside of truck – Done 
  • Empty basement to check for more ants and other unwelcome guests – Done, we checked for ants and did not find anything. 
  • Reload basement – Not needed since we did not need to empty it. 
  • Wash RV – Done 
  • Check tires, batteries – Done 
  • Lube trailer hitch – Done 
  • Other duties as assigned – A work in Progress. 

We started the day at Pop’s diner. Breakfast at Pop’s is always a hit. That is just a cool place to go. They do not always get the breakfast order done right but the best part is the atmosphere and friendly staff.
   IMG 0093
When we got back, I connected a second hose to the water well faucet and got my bucket. All I can say is the RV was really dirty. We drove through rain and wet roads 6 weeks ago. The dirt just stuck like glue. Here is a before and after of the back picture window. Fortunately I did not need to apply too much elbow grease. I am just about out of that.

 IMG 0096 IMG 0106 

 Before I could get to the front or entry door side, I had to finish packing the garage.

 IMG 0582 IMG 0583 

With that completed, I was able to get the entry side washed. It is a good thing that I had on a hat. Rinsing under the awning means getting a shower.

 IMG 0587 IMG 0588 

Now that the RV is washed, Carol helped me figure out where stuff needs to go in the truck. I am not certain that I need all that stuff just yet. When we get back to Texas at the end of the year, I am pretty sure that we will lighten our load a bit.

IMG 0592
Say hello to Juliette. She adopted us when we first arrived at Safe Harbor. Of the eighty+ cats here, she is the only one who hangs out on our porch, or in my chair, or on the truck just about every day. No she is not going with us. She likes it at the farm just fine. I would not think about taking her away.
   IMG 0590
Now, about that last item on the To Do list. Carol has been trying to download a book to her phone so she can listen to it on our trip to Blue Ridge. She has had trouble with reliable Internet connections for some time now. I am not sure what that is about but without a reliable connection, she cannot download the book. After all the work done today, we opted for dinner at O’Charlie’s in Jacksonville. We ended up at Starbucks to use their WiFi and get the book downloaded. This is one tech area (downloading audible books) that I have little to no experience. Here we sit in the Jacksonville Starbucks. I connected to their WiFi in a snap. Carol fired up her PC and got no where. She fired up her phone – nope that won’t connect either. How about the iPad – just forget about it. I focused on the task and turned my iPhone into a hotspot. YEA! She is connected and download is complete. Now her PC is reporting “Importing into iTunes.” We can see the book in her directory but apparently something is not quiet finished in the download process. Since this is an area I have no expertise, Carol has to call either of our two daughters who have the technical expertise to help her. And of course, neither of them are available by phone. I think perhaps I should learn how to do this just so I can provide help when needed.

While we sit and wait for Audible to do its thing, the weather has decided to turn nasty. We’ve been watching it rain lightly, then rain like crazy and now it is just plain wet. I take full responsibility for this rain. I washed the truck and I washed the RV. Tomorrow’s forecast is for more rain. I just need about 1 hour of no rain so I can disconnect and stow sewer and water hose and electrical cable. We’ll see what happens in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to be reporting in from Hagan-Stone Park or somewhere near there.

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