R&R #2

Welcome to our new followers. Knowing others are interested in what I have to say is encouraging. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday 11/10 was a crazy day. It actually began on Monday 11/7. We have been frantically working toward a deadline of getting the house ready for market and for the estate sale at the same time.  We had three days to get everything done that needed to get done.
DSC_1864[1]Carol and I had been taking care of our almost 2 year old grandson Jayson.  If you need a reminder, 2 year olds take a lot of energy. Since most of the work to be done was in my department, Carol took care of Jayson. Wednesday I picked up a U-Hall truck so I could get it loaded and ready for our Houston daughter Michele and hubby Martin to take back to Houston with the last of the big stuff we were giving them.

DSC_1868[1]After Jayson help me get the ramp placed back into the truck, M&M got Jayson loaded in their car. Off they went into the sunset with what was our refrigerator, a couple of antique clocks, and my best every gas grill. I was beat and ready for a little nourishment and rest.

Thursday, I had to finish sorting and tagging stuff in my rustic man den, cut and edge the yard, get itched up and head to RR at Stone Creek RV Park. We finally got away from the house around noon. I needed to fuel up the truck and stop at Discount Tire to get a good tire on the ground. 100_0625[1]I found a blister on the side of one the RV tires and just did not feel comfortable getting on the highway with that. I pulled into Discount Tires and told them what I needed.  Well after 2 1/2 hours, we were finally on the road. The good part was they did not charge me to get the spare on the ground. (FYI-Cedar Creek is sending me 4 brand new tires and wheels to compensate me for the bad tire. I’ll get them next week.)

CaptureBy the time we got the truck fueled up, it was 3PM. Fortunately we only had 150 miles to go. We hit the east side of San Antonio at 5:30PM. The red line on the map shows our route. This section is normally congested but at 5:30PM it grinds to a halt. It took us 30 minutes to idle through this section. We hit two more super congested areas before arriving at our destination, (Exit # 177, IH35). I stopped at the office and found the note they left me telling me which site was ours. Fortunately it was a pull through; unfortunately it was not level side to side. It took about 30 minutes to get the trailer positioned and leveled in the site. The rest of outside hook up was easy. I came in to help Carol finish the inside stuff. 
We were tired and hungry. Carol was also dealing with a scratchy throat, heavy congestion and 100_0640[1]stuffiness. I made a quick trip to Wal*Mart to get a few things we needed for the night and morning, as well as some meds for Carol. We finally got settled in, ate dinner and watch the 10PM weather report. Weather man forecast the low temperature near 36 degrees. Tonight would be a 2 quilt night.

More RR#2 to follow. Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “R&R #2

  1. Sounds like you had a very busy day. Good move on getting that tire replaced too – no one needs a blowout!

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