R&R #1

Thursday (11/3/11)
We are finally off to a little R&R in Houston. We pulled out of Corpus Christi at 1:03pm, mileage was 89,738, and Gertie (GPS) says we would be at the park at 4:25. She doesn’t know we will not be driving 70 mph today.  Thursday was a travel day to Lake View RV Resort in Houston. We left Corpus Christi later than expected which meant we arrived later then expected (6:00) . That turned out OK because our daughter called to let us know dinner was going to be about an hour later than planned.
Brenda Marshall, our real estate agent, took photos of the house for MLS listing. Monday (11/7/11) the house will be posted on MLS. Leslie Green, a professional organizer and estate sale planner, is finalizing the prep for the estate sale next weekend (11/10-11/12).
We got set up and walked the dogs. Then made the short drive to Michele’s house.  We had a relaxing evening sharing our journey with Michele’s in-laws and filled up on lasagna. The doggies were glad to see us when we got back. We took them for a walk, set the heater to come on around 60 and grabbed an extra quilt for the bed since it was pretty cool (by Corpus Christi standards) and went to bed.
Friday (11/4/11), Our44th Anniversary
Started the day with 50 degrees in the RV. One of two propane tanks was empty. Switched tanks and warmed up the RV. After breakfast we headed downtown.
Part of the reason for the Houston destination, was so Carol could get to the Houston Quilt Festival at the George R. Brown Convention center. We spent 5 hours walking around that huge convention hall and still did not see it all. We saw big quilting machines, small quilting machines, lots of thread, and zippers. Did I say the center was large? There were 20 rows of vendors that filled about half of the facility. About 10% was set aside as a food court with the remainder set up to exhibit every kind of quilt imaginable. Carol loves fabrics and anything related to quilts. However, since she is now on the other side of collecting, she didn’t buy much. Carol had a good time looking, though.
After HQF we took a drive down Main Street. Boy has downtown Houston changed since the 60’s. We drove by the Mecom’s Fountain at Fannin &Main. The hotel where we spent our wedding night is still there but has a new name. It used to be the Warwick hotel. After driving past, Carol asked me to turn around to get pics of those landmarks so I  turned thinking we would be able to just turn left again and go back. Not so easy! We had to drive through the Herman Park to get there. But we got the photos. Fueled up the truck at $3.57/gallon for diesel. The red dragon took 27.28 gallons after 247 miles. Average 9 mpg or 39.5 cents/mile.
Then we continued on to have supper at Pappadeaux’s. When we got home, the dogs were really happy and ready for a walk to the potty spot. Rested a bit, reflected on how tired we were, then decided we should just go to bed early.
2011 11 Quilt Festival
Saturday (11/5/11), our day of rest
Slept until almost 7:30. By my standard, I overslept. I truly enjoyed it. The doggies took me for a morning walk. The crisp cool air was refreshing. I was ready for a cup of coffee by the time we got back. That’s when I realized I did not turn on the coffee pot.  Sheesh, I got to get it together. Finally had my coffee after I got doggies and the cat fed.
Carol slept in real late this morning. So after a late breakfast, the doggies and I went on a long walk around the place. They needed some exercise and I wanted to take some photos of the place.
We were planning to do some organizing in the RV today but decided against that.  Instead Carol is teaching me how to wash clothes in our Splendide. Sunday will be a travel day for us as we head back to Corpus Christi. If we don’t take a day to really rest, we will be tired again by the time we get back to Corpus.  So, Saturday is veg day.
2011 11

3 responses to “R&R #1

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. Happy 44th Anniversary!Sorry to hear you are spending some of it learning how to wash clothes!!Great blog, looks like you've been very busy and having a good time.

  3. You always need to allow time for R&R when on the road or very busy. We would not survive without it!! 🙂

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