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Making Sense of Twitter Stats

I finally made sense of WordPress stats (more on that later) and now I am looking at Twitter Stats (Analytics). One assignment in the Blogging201 course was to pick a social media site that I would use to grow my blog. I wrote about that in this post But Am I Really That Sociable where I announced i would use Google+ to complete that. I decided to try Twitter instead because I get zero response from the post going to my Google+ account. Plus I cannot fine Google+ stats for the account.

I coordinated my Twitter page using the same background as this blog and included a different image from Cades Cove, TN. While I still do not get RTs (retweets), I have picked up a few followers from the Blogging201 class. And I had a few tweets tagged as Favorite.

The mom blogger at TinyExpats suggested tagging my Sunday blogvposts with #weekendbloghop and #sundayblogshare. I also tag the tweets on Sunday with those tags. At least I think I am doing that correctly because I am getting impression spikes. If not, perhaps someone can chime in a give me some “Twitter For Dummies” instruction on how to do this correctly.

This is what my Twitter Analytics page looks like.

Twitter Activities

Twitter 1 Activity

Twitter Followers

Twitter 2 Follower
Twitter Cards Snapshot
Twitter 3 Cards SnapshotTwitter Engagement Data

Twitter 4 Engagement
WOW! I am blazing a trail on Twitter.  Perhaps there should be a Twitter101 course to help folks like me that just can’t get the hang of Tweeting

I am open to suggestions and recommendations from the Twitter experts out there.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.