Praying For Your Family

Part two of preparing to stand in the gap is praying for your family: taking on the role of intercessor. This is something you can do individually or together as a family.

My tendency is to listen to what my family is saying and pray for them as they reveal a need. As an example, my youngest daughter has had a horrible time keeping her 8-year-old car operational. When we were living together, it was easy for me to be there for the rescue. Now that we are miles apart, she has had to deal with these issues alone – except I could pray for a solution. I did not have to ask her how I should pray for her needs when she already indirectly told me.

Ultimately, she made the decision to purchase a newer vehicle. While I remained silent, I did pray for her to listen to her heart since I knew God would speak to her. He did and she found a great deal on a newer vehicle.

One ways to find out the needs of your family is to have a casual conversation during dinner time. We did that when our daughter and grandson lived with us for a few years when we lived in Corpus Christi, TX. Someone at the table would ask another person, “What did you do today?” That usually triggered a short conversation that often times revealed needs.

If you are still at loss on how to pray for your family, here are some pretty cool ideas I found from iMom, a parenting website.

10 Ways To Pray For Your Family

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(Click title to access a printable version of this list.)

FOR UNITY Pray that your family will be bonded together and protected from division and conflict within. Psalm 133:1
FOR LOVE Pray that each member of the family has a genuine love for others. 1 Peter 4:8
FOR PURITY OF HEART AND MIND Pray that your family’s hearts and minds are protected from the negative influences and sin in the world. Proverbs 4:23
FOR COURAGE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY Pray that your family will persevere with courage through hard times. Be strong and courageous. Deuteronomy 31:6
FOR WISDOM Pray that each member of your family would walk in wisdom at every age. James 1:5
FOR OBEDIENCE Pray that your children would have obedient hearts toward you as
parents, and that all of you would seek to obey God.
Psalm 128:1
FOR GOD’S GUIDANCE Pray for God’s guidance in all of your family’s plans and decisions. Proverbs 16:9
FOR A GENEROUS HEART Pray that your family would be gracious and generous to others. 1 Timothy 6:18
FOR A CHANCE TO BLESS OTHERS Pray that your family would seek & respond to chances to serve and bless others. Proverbs 11:25
FOR OTHERS TO SEE GOD IN YOUR FAMILY Pray that your family’s example would point others toward God. Matthew 5:16

Whatever approach you choose, start now. Ask God to guard your time and guard your heart. I can assure you Satan does not want you to do this (John 10:10). He will throw obstacles in your path to prevent you from carrying out this step. Leave me a comment and I will happily pray for you as well. You can do this privately by clicking Contact Us. Together we can celebrate the joy God will bring.

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3 responses to “Praying For Your Family

  1. Oh my, my daughters (ages 47 and 49) have not talked for over 6 years. Until almost 2 years ago my 49 yo daughter allowed her sister to have a relationship with her two daughters who are 6 and 9. That stopped when the younger daughter said something in front of other people regarding their broken relationship. We feel older daughter is using the children to hurt her children. We know the children miss their aunt and she is heartbroken missing them. Len and I pray every night for healing and hearts to be softened. We are at loss for what more to do…… This situation breaks this mothers heart.

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