Countdown Continues

Yesterday, I escaped my post by claiming I had to replace a pool pump. This was legitimate. Remember this photo?

IMG_2931This is what the pool pump looked like on Saturday afternoon (8/22). The motor had seized meaning the pool was not filtering its 28000 gallons to keep the crystal clear water cleaned. We had to close the pool early on Saturday.  The owners ordered a new motor on Monday (8/24). Yesterday as I finished up the blog post, the office informed me our new motor arrived.

Time to put away to computer, grab a handful of tools and get that pump installed. After about 45 minutes of cleaning the old parts, and making sure everything fit, the new motor was installed.

IMG_2949That motor looks pretty good. And the best news – when I turned on the power, it came to life and started the process of moving the water from the pool through the sand filter and there were no water leaks anywhere.

IMG_2950You may think the pool looks pretty good. The problem is ALGAE. Algae is that nasty green stuff the grows in still water. And it sticks to everything. You can see the reflections of the clouds but you cannot see the bottom of this pool because the algae has turned the crystal clear water into a murky green mess. I wonder how long it will take to filter 28,000 gallons of this gunk?

This morning, I checked the progress. Water was still cloudy but it was clearing up. I can actually see the bottom and the water’s chemical levels tested safe for swimming. YAY! Other than being a little cold, we decided to open the pool. Campers were tolerant of the cloudy and cold water.

Tomorrow, I will check the chemical levels real close and make sure the pools get a good health check. The cool weather we’ve had for the past few days have kept the algae from being a real big problem.

I think the fog is beginning to lift. Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


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