In case you have not figured it out, I am in a blog fog. All day long while fixing stuff in the RV park, my mind races with ideas for an upcoming blog post. Then the work day ends and a fog rolls in. By the time I’ve showered and eaten, my mind is mush.

So, I am going out on a limb here. If I commit to blog more often and don’t, the mud is on me. My motivation before where the blogging courses WordPress offered. I don’t feel like repeating the courses so I will look for a different motivator.

School is back in session so this is a good time for me to get my mind in gear and get to writing. I look forward to fall since I am in an area where God will begin painting a masterpiece in my back yard. The Shenandoah Valley gets more visitors in the fall than in the summer. My camera is ready.

One week from today is September 1st. I will find my motivator by then. Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.


4 responses to “Foggy

  1. Been there – done that Jerry. My mind has been mush all summer. Trying to get back in the saddle now! I’ll meet you half way. 😉 ~Elle

  2. Don’t stress the small stuff Gerry :).
    Blog without obligation, when you can not because you ‘have to’

  3. Jerry is your name !

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