From my blogger friend, Elle. What are your thoughts? I prefer electronic media while Carol prefers paper. Perhaps there is a place for both.

Finding Myself Through Writing

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you prefer a physical book – one you can hold, smell, feel, and showcase on your shelf? (And share with others as you wish!)

Or do you love the e-book – landing silently on your kindle or tablet from the technology of the 21st century? It takes up little space –  just a small notch on your memory and you have every book you ever bought to take with you wherever you go! (And you can’t always share!)

My last post (BOOKS ARE YOUR FRIENDS) brought this question up and I had many comments on the subject via FB so I thought I would take a poll to get a count.

You can actually check out e-books through your public library along with the old-fashion way of checking them out in physical form. How many young children have a kindle or tablet or phone to read…

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3 responses to “PHYSICAL BOOK vs EBOOK

  1. Thanks so much for the re-blog Jerry! From the looks of the paper yesterday our library is now coming into the digital age! ~Elle

  2. I have read ebooks but my preference is the good old solid book in my hands! 😀

  3. I prefer to read my fiction books on paper, however non-fiction books are much better using technology given the numerous benefits of retina display and hyper linking. At my Bookclub, it’s a divided preference. Some read on a dedicated book reader, while others read on paper, and myself included also use audio books.

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