Dressing An RV Site

Site 46 at Harrisonburg/Shenandoah KOA needed a little sprucing up. The site had lots of room but it was not appealing.

thumb_IMG_2690_1024This very large rock was in the wrong place and needed to be moved. Also, the site grading was off and had several low spots where rain water would collect. How do you move rocks?

thumb_IMG_2689_1024The rock was no match to big Bertha.

thumb_IMG_2692_1024Here is the site after flipping the big rock out of a hole and adding about 10 loads of dirt to raise the site grading.

thumb_IMG_2691_1024I only got Bertha stuck one time. After getting her unstuck, the work continued.


The big rock is now moved over by the road, and a back stone for the fire pit is planted. Also, the was covered with 6 loads of fresh mulch.IMG_2732I have a new respect for stone masons. The job of moving stones into position and fitting the stones together is tough physical work.

IMG_2733Sheesh! Where did these stones come from? Actually they were partially buried in the ground and had to come out so the site could be graded. Thankfully, big Bertha made this job easy. Now I just need to move the stones to the perimeter of the site.

IMG_2734Site 46 is now ready for more crushed rock where the picnic table is, and around the perimeter of the site. We will be planting grass in part of the site.

Next big projects include getting the pool ready for use and complete the kitchen remodel by Memorial Day at the end of May. And I am sure there will be smaller projects going on as well.

Mother’s Day weekend is our first big weekend in the park. We will be about 90% full so this will be a good test to see how the park infrastructure handles the crowd.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.





4 responses to “Dressing An RV Site

  1. Do you hire out Jerry? I have some woods to clear! 😉 Tell Carol Happy Mothers Day! ~Elle

  2. Have a great weekend after all that work.

  3. What a wonderful job you did. The place looks great because of YOU!

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