Home At Last

We left Amarillo, Texas on Tuesday March 31, heading East on I-40. 6 days and 1530 miles (2,400 KM) later, we pulled into Harrisonburg/Shenandoah Valley KOA in Broadway, VA.

The last leg of the trip from Salem to Broadway, Virginia was a short one (130 miles/210 KM). We decided to grab breakfast rather than fix something. The Omelet Shoppe sounded pretty good so that is where we headed. The restaurant looks like a converted Waffle House. Food was OK but nothing to write home about.

IMG_2573If we were just taking the car, parking would not be a problem. Parking a 38 foot motor home is a bit more challenging especially when pulling a small trailer. We found a spot in the Exxon gas station next door. (That is Cody, our Golden Retriever, up on the dash board. That’s his guard spot.)

IMG_2574I-81 traffic was pretty heavy this morning. It was moving but sometimes at a slow pace.

IMG_2596For our last segment of the trip, we, turned off I-81 and are now on Route 608 (Mauzy-Athlone Rd). After about 4 miles (6.4 KM) of a winding two lane road, passing a few dairy farms and a turkey farm, we arrived at the entrance to our new home.

IMG_2607After exchanging greetings and filling our motor home’s propane tank, we backed into our site and started getting our site set up.

IMG_2634We made good time on our 1530 miles (2,400KM) trip. Yes, we endured a couple of big storms along the way and one obstacle on the highway in Memphis, but overall, we had a good trip. It is not unusual to see an RVer broken down on the highway or worse, an RVer involved in an accident. On this trip, we saw neither. We enjoyed the company of good friends in Bluff City, Tennessee and had great food in several places especially Blues City Cafe in Memphis.

It was sad leaving our friends behind in Amarillo, Texas but it is good to have a chance to meet new friends in our new location. We have a fantastic site and look forward to many campfires. Tomorrow I will post more photos of our campground.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come see us now.


12 responses to “Home At Last

  1. Carol Higginbotham

    Have not forgotten Ya’ll. have been keeping up with your daily doings. Glad that you made it safely. Are you workcampers again? Wish that we had been able to get with you when you can thru Tn. But you were off route from us. Take care and love each other. Carol

  2. Cody looks very comfy in his spot in the RV. Is Cody a good traveler?

  3. Love your guard dog. 🙂 How long will you be in this spot?

  4. What a wonderful life you lead. I love listening and following you on your trails!

    • Thank you, Claudia. We enjoy what we do because it gives us a chance to live in different parts of the USA. While we would love to live in ‘vacation’ mode, that is not practical for us. So we opt to park our RV in spots that allow us to explore the local area. We work in RV parks to supplement our social security income. It may not be ideal for some, but it works for us. I am glad you enjoy our trip.

  5. Glad you are safe and sound. So a new place to call home. Is it a bit colder then what you were use to in Texas? Looking forward to see your photos.
    I have just gotten back from our journey into Utah. It was incredible!

    • It is good to be settled once again Nancy. Yes, it is a bit cooler up here. Amarillo temperatures were starting the heat up. We are in the 40’s in the morning and 60’s and 70’s during the day. That suits me just fine. One of these days we will get out west.

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