Photography 101 Day 9 – Mystery

Just could not resist snapping this cool Orchid.

IMG_2435Since I doubt you will ever solve the mystery of where I found this, I’ll just tell you – the floral department of our local grocery store.

It’s name? Indigo Mystique. Found a solution to today’s Photo101 theme in a grocery store. Mystery solved.


11 responses to “Photography 101 Day 9 – Mystery

  1. Beautiful! If you had said you grew it I would have believed you! 😉 ~Elle

  2. great pic of a beautiful flower

  3. Lovely! One of my favorite flowers and my favorite color.

  4. Hi! I was inspired to paint a pastel based on your beautiful shot. Can I post my pastel on my blog and social media given credit to you and linking back to this post?

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