Weather Phenomenon

Last Sunday (Mar 1st), we experienced freezing fog – a weather phenomenon we’ve not seen before. Fog normally occurs when the difference between the air temperature and dew point is less than 4°F or 2.5°C.  (Dew point is the temperature at which moisture condenses and evaporates at the same rate.)

Freezing fog occurs when super chilled water droplets in the air freeze when contacting a frozen surface. Some times this creates a slick sheen of ice and other times it creates a crystalline structure.

Such was the case on Sunday. Amarillo had experienced several days with below freeing temperatures. This caused surface freezing. The humidity level rose to 96% which produced excess moister in the air. The water droplets then froze on contact with the frozen surfaces. Rather than producing a thin layer of ice, which would have occurred had the surface temperature been above freezing, the water droplets produced a crystalline structure. I was able to capture the beautiful scenery before the air temperature rose above freezing.

Click the first image to step through full size photos.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos as much as I did by seeing God’s artful creation.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


9 responses to “Weather Phenomenon

  1. We have had some strange weather this year haven’t we? Beautiful pictures Jerry! ~Elle

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever experienced Freezing Fog – even as a child in England (where the weather could be freezing and Foggy!!)
    Like the photos – certainly made me feel cold 🙂
    Take care

  3. Beautiful images. I have never heard of freezing fog. but because of it… YOU got great photos.
    Now… the cool gallery was pretty awesome. Did you learn that in Photography 101? I think I will be poking around the wordpress dashboard to figure out how to do that!! Way to go!

    • Thank you Nancy. I appreciate the feedback and kudos.
      Photo Gallery has been mentioned before. It works well if you have several photos and few words to describe them.When you select the Insert Media option, notice the menu choices on the left side. That’s is where you will find the Gallery option.
      Some of these would make pretty cool B&W photos.

  4. I’ve never heard of freezing fog but it makes for some beautiful pictures! 🙂

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