Day One – 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge

I did a little research on this 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge and could not find much regarding the origin. The two rules of this challenge are as follows:

  1. Create a post, in five consecutive days with a B&W photo.  The photo can be a recent photo or old.
  2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.
  3. Tag each post with 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge (I am adding this third rule)

1 DSC_0315July 2012, Trahlyta Falls @ Vogel State Park,  Blairsville, GA
Shot with Nikon D2000, using 18-55mm Zoom set at 22mm, ISO 100, f/25, 2.0 sec.

This is one of the first water falls I photographed while in Georgia. The water flow was minimal so it was not as dramatic as I had hoped. Plus the viewing platform was crowded with people since the park was full of people on this warm July day. Rather than capture the entire water fall,  I decided to capture this cute ripple as the water flowed over the flat rocks.

Also this was my first effort at creating a cotton look of the water flow over the rocks.

I would like to offer this challenge to my Aussie friend Cathy at Cathy has some incredible photos on her blog.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


7 responses to “Day One – 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge

  1. This capture of the water falling is incredible. Getting that misty “look” is extremely difficult! I applaud you!

  2. Jerry – have emailed you. Cathy

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