Ever get a new pair of shoes? I know you have. Depending on your style preference, shopping for that new pair of shoes may be quick and easy or long and tedious. So tell me, how easy is it for you to shop for shoes?

For me it is pretty simple. I generally know what I want before I start shopping. Having shopped for shoes in the past and having had a large variety of styles, I can generally be in and out of the store in just a few minutes. If I do the shopping on weekends, it will of course take longer.

And if I cannot find what I want in the store, I can always by online. I know my size and shopping on-line is a snap. Can you do that?

I normally need new shoes about twice a year. Sometimes more frequently if our little fur baby want to have a chew snack. In fact I caught her the other day with my new shoes. All I had to do was call her name sternly. The look on her face was priceless. It said, “I did not do that.” Fortunately, she did not destroy my new pair of shoes.

So what do you think? Can you find the new pair? Maybe I should have given little fur baby the ones on the right. No! I don’t think so. They went into the trash. The ones in the middle are for winter – they are insulated.

IMG_2266Wait, are you confused? Did you think I was talking about feet shoes? Sorry, I meant ‘hand shoes” (aka gloves).

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


6 responses to “Shoes!

  1. I buy so many pairs of outside/work gloves in a year’s time I loose track of the number. I just plain wear them out. Good luck getting your fur baby to leave the new ones alone. 🙂

    • Judy, it was my fault. I left them within her reach. I normally keep about 3 pairs floating around somewhere. I sometimes (often) forget where I put them down. I need to tie a piece of yarn to them like we did with our kids mittens. 🙂

  2. Haha! I was feeling there was a twist of some kind coming up Jerry! ~Elle

  3. You had me going there for a while lol
    Have never heard the expression ‘hand shoes’ before – is that local or one of your own?? I have a bucket of them here, not big hefty men working kind but nice lady gardening ones 🙂 They do get replenished in early spring but I can’t bring myself to throw all of them away so they go in the wash now and again.

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