Long Weekend and A Shopping Day

Good News! The TrailBoss (aka, Carol) has agreed to write another post. I hope to get her on a weekly schedule in the future.

Hello Blog Friends,

We are on our last day of our 4 day off schedule. Friday, 2/6 we went out for breakfast at the Calico County restaurant. The food and service were OK, but nothing to brag about. Jerry wrote a review on TripAdvisor. After breakfast, we went home and made our menu for the next several days then went shopping for groceries. Jerry took the car to be washed and I put most everything away. After that we sat back and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

IMG_2313Saturday was my day out. I had my nails and toes done, got a haircut (back to my really short style), then went to JoAnn’s Fabrics and then to the mall. Now, I was looking for a specific item at the mall. After Christmas, the only other time that I have been to the mall here, I went into a store named Fully Fabulous. They have a great selection of larger size clothes and accessories. The sign outside the store said that they had handbags for gun carrying ladies so I went in to see what they had. I was disappointed as they only had 2 left from Christmas and I didn’t like either of them. So I went back to see if they had received any since then. The answer was “no”. As I was walking back through the mall to get to the car, I saw a Kiosk in the center that had a selection of purses and wallets. I stopped to look and found 2 that were equipped with a back pocket for a gun, one blue and the other black. Well, I bought the blue one.


Now you may be curious about why I would buy a purse with a gun pocket in it. My 38 Special Pink Lady fits perfectly in that back pocket. I do know how to use it and would not hesitate if I feel the need.

We both have a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). We spent February 2014 at Hidden Valley RV in San  Antonio, TX.  One evening, we were driving into town and Jerry was stopped for speeding. He showed the policy officer his Texas Drivers License and his CHL. The officer asked him if he was carrying his weapon. Jerry said no; the officer asked why not. If you have a CHL in Texas, there is no reason why you should not carry.

I made another purchase while I was wandering the mall, a ring with a 1 carat White Sapphire in a dancing setting. I had been saving some money that I got for Christmas so decided to buy this ring (it was on sale for 65% off retail.) The setting is very unique and I really like it. It fits perfectly on the middle finger of my left hand. What do you think??


That night I crocheted a warm cap for Jerry while we watched Harry Potter in TV.

Yesterday was a Jesse Stone Marathon on Hallmark Movies and Mystery Channel. Love that man, Tom Selleck.

We are going to have a late lunch with some friends at The Plaza Tex-Mex restaurant. Tomorrow is back to work. The thread containers I ordered last week should be delivered on Wednesday. I am looking forward to taming my thread collection.

Happy crafting, Carol

Thank you Carol, for giving me a break. And thank you for that knitted cap.  The next time it gets cold around here, I can keep my ears warm.


8 responses to “Long Weekend and A Shopping Day

  1. Great job Mom. 🙂 That ring is beautiful!!!

  2. Love the purse and the ring Carol! And I’m jealous you get to eat Tex Mex! Mexican food is terrible in Florida. I’m originally from Louisiana so Tex Mex it has always been! ~Elle

  3. So glad to meet Carol! Your nails are beautiful!

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