But Am I Really That Sociable

Monday-Morning-QuotesMonday means back to work for working folks. For retired folks, it is just another Saturday. For me and my classmates, it means back to the classroom with Blogging 201.

Today’s Assignment: pick one social network you’ll use to help grow your blog and connect it to your site. Then, outline a 30-day plan for how you’ll use it.

Googling  “drive your business with social media” generates more links than imaginable. What if I don’t have a business? What if I just have “social” connections through my website/blog or FaceBook or Twitter or Google+ or LinkedIn or Instagram or RVillage or other social media accounts?

I’ve already written a couple of post about Social Media. Take a look at Social Network Overload and Plugging Into Social Networks.  Today marks the third post on Social Media.

Back to the assignment. To gain an understanding of today’s assignment, I highly recommend reading the details provide by WordPress Happiness Engineers (click here) for that.

I am already using the share feature on my posts so readers can easily share my posts on their media sites. I publicize my post on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. And I have incorporated a couple of side bar widgets that link to some of my other social media sites.

My 30-Day Plan

At this point, I am undecided if I want to use Facebook or Google+ as my focus for the next 30 days. I have a pretty decent group of followers on both. I get more interaction on Facebook but I prefer to use Google+. I also have some configuration to complete on Google+. Here is my 30 day plan –

  • Complete the configure on my Google+ “Tales From The WagginMaster”
  • Share other blogger’s post on Google+ at least 3 times per week
  • Conduct 2 polls to determine the follower social media preference and content preference

PageView StatsOne thing I noticed from reviewing my WordPress Stats – I get lots of page views and few likes and comments. It would be interesting to compare this stat with other bloggers. I realize the spike in January is due to my participation in Blogging101: From Zero to Hero.

As I stated in Analytics. Did You Get Your 2014 In Review?, I am not a numbers person. I do not write for the sole purpose of increasing readership. I write for enjoyment, to communicate with family and friends and to be an inspiration to others who may be interested in full-time RVing.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


3 responses to “But Am I Really That Sociable

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  2. I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog. I was inspired to create a collage of examples regarding the Blogging 201 assignments AND included you! Hopefully this will send more support your way. Check out the post and the other blogs when you can. Thanks!


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