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Today’s Blogging101 class assignment is to share a few links you love. I already built a BlogRoll section in the sidebar. Plus I’ve already used several features discussed in today’s class on managing the blog roll.

If you look at the sidebar towards the bottom, you will see several categories of links. It is possible to be listed in more than one category.

  • Blogging101 contains links to fellow classmates
  • Blogs I follow are links to blogs that I read often
  • Other Links are links that do not fit in any other category
  • RVING are links to RVing blogs and websites.

If you hover over some of the links, you will see additional text related to that link This text generally came from the blog’s tagline. As an example, if you hover over the Blogging101 link for “Finding Myself Through Writing“, you a text box appears that says “Writing Habits of Elle Knowles – Author“. The additional text is the tag line that Elle included in her blog design.

Hopefully the category feature of managing links in the sidebar will help readers find links that are suited to their interest. Are the categories helpful for you? Please let me know.



8 responses to “Blog Roll

  1. I am so honored Jerry, that you added me to your blog roll and even used me for an example – a good one I hope;) – in the body of the post! Woo Hoo! My blog roll hasn’t happened yet. I have a widget for posts I like in my sidebar and when I visit a site and like or comment it comes up in my sidebar. That’s pretty cool – right? Hi to Carol! ~Elle

  2. I really love the cover picture!!!!

    • In case you don’t recognize the scene, this is a panorama of Cades Cove. The shot was taken about 5 miles past the entrance. The route through Cades Cove makes a turn at that point and this is the view that visitors see. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I have used the built in blogroll feature of my theme but renamed it and was able to place it on the sidebar as well incorporate it into a page – no blog catergories just a personal name and the blog name – and I change them around every now and again – in fact there are a few to be added from the 101 course which I must add to the list
    I like to publicise blogs I’ve read and enjoyed but don’t necessarily visit on a regular basis – my actual reading list is in my w/press reader and a back up one is on a web based reader as well.
    Oh and Jerry thanks for adding Still Waters to both of your lists

  4. Jerry, thank you for including my site in your blog roll. I appreciate the comments you leave on mine and certainly enjoy reading yours. Cheers!

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