Theme Change

Our Blogging101 assignment for today as to change the site theme. I was not sure I wanted to do that because I had paid to customize the old theme. I looked through the free themes available on WordPress and decided on this on – Twenty-Ten.

I had to change the header photo and adjust the size of some recent widget entries but I finally got it done. FYI: The header photo is a sunset photo I took when we were in Blue Ridge, GA.

The calendar widget on the right is how you access previous posts. I may change that for later but for now it stays.

As will all blog changes, I welcome your feedback – good or bad. Feel free to tell me what you think. You can use the Contact US link at the top of the site.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


4 responses to “Theme Change

  1. Good for you for having the courage to change your “look!” Have you thought about putting your tags closer to the top? I like having mine up top so folks (or me, if I’m trying to find a particular post) can easily find posts about a particular subject. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the feedback. Not sure what i should do with tags. I have way too many. I do not like the way they display. Different font sizes look strange. I do have a search options in the widget area that may be helpful in finding posts. Did you know you can search for tags in WP reader? Try it. Tags are a work in progress. Again, thanks Betty.

  2. The larger tags indicate what you have posted on the most. The key to using categories and tags is consistency. You can use fewer categories when you use tags effectively. I’ve had blogs, websites and worked on others for years. I’ve been taking a break, but I’m going to start back having a simple one.

    You can also make money off of your site, some people earn a lot of income. For instance, you could become an Amazon Associate and then have the correct wording about being an Affiliate and earning some expense money that way. You can indicate what items you use traveling, like a certain pot and give the associate link for it. It doesn’t cost the person anything additional. The blogging course will give you all of this and more, I’m sure.

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