Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept? I have. Problem is I cannot remember when it was. But I do remember what it was?

I resolved to no longer make New Year’s Resolutions.

Like, said, I cannot remember what year that was made. I guess that implies it was a long time ago.

Having said that, now why would I make such a resolution? There was a period of time when I had trouble keeping such commitments. I am sure I never really thought about what it meant to keep resolutions. So it only made sense to stop making them.

Now, this is interesting that this would be the topic for today. The other day, I saw the following clip on a friends Facebook post. Normally, I glance at these type of Facebook postings and move on. Occasionally, I will make a comment on the post. Rarely will I share the post.

7 things to give upAs I read through these 7 simple yet profound statements, I thought about the timeliness of my friend posting this. Then it struck me like a 2×4 on the forehead – these are my 2015 resolutions.

Now that presents a dilemma. If I adopt these statements as my New Year’s resolutions, then my last kept resolution becomes a broken resolution. OK, so how do I get past this dilemma? My solution is to not call this list of 7 things to give up my New Year’s resolutions. I still want to adopt them as my modus operandi for 2015. So what do I call these?

Maybe I should take the authors hint and call them 7 things to give up in 2015. That’s what I’ll do. These are my 7 things I will give up in 2015.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? More importantly, do you keep the resolutions you make? If you don’t why bother? If you do, good for you.

By the way, I did share this post on my Facebook timeline.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


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