Christmas in January

Who does not dream of a white Christmas? Irving Berlin did when he wrote the lyrics in 1940. And Bing Crosby made the lyrics famous in 1941 when he performed it on his show The Kraft Music Hall on Christmas day, 1941. Having grown up in Austin and Houston Texas, I remember wishing for a white Christmas. It was not until Carol and I lived in Frankfurt, Germany that my wish came true.  Now that we are in Amarillo, our chance for a white Christmas is stronger. However, the local weather forecasters could not deliver a white Christmas in December so we would have to wait for another year.

For Christmas, Carol and I decided to buy an electronic fireplace for our RV. We had one in our first RV and loved it. It provided just the right amount of warmth and ambiance that made those cold evenings wonderful.

FP Cedar Creek Feb 2012Kicking back in Feb 2012, we were ready to relax for the evening. I was reading RVing stuff from forum on my MacBook Pro, while sipping a cold Stella Artois.  Qianna, our loyal standard poodle was relaxing with us and the fireplace in the background provided warmth for our Cedar Creek 5th wheel. When we traded the 5th wheel for our motor home, we gave up the fireplace. It did not take long to begin planning for one. We sure miss it.

December 26, we went on a hunt for a fireplace. This would be our Christmas present to us.

IMG_2172We ended up with this one from Walmart. Not quiet the same as what we had in the 5th wheel, but it had potential. The thought was to remove the fireplace from the cabinet and fit it into the existing cabinet we had the TV, Blu-Ray player and satellite receiver on. After plugging it in, we decided this was not the right fireplace. It just did not have much heat output and the faux fireplace was not what we hoped for. The next day, we repacked it and took it back to Walmart.

Looking on line, I found the perfect fireplace for our home.

IMG_2188Please ignore the wet boots next to fireplace. Now this baby looks similar to the one we had in our 5th wheel, plus it had more settings and provided more heat and ambiance than the smaller unit we tried from Walmart. Of course, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that it will not fit into our existing TV cabinet as we hoped. The good news is that I will be building a new cabinet to hold the fireplace and TV stuff. How cool is that?

Last night we went to bed with it raining outside. We woke up this morning and found this – 4″ of fresh snow. Looks pretty!

IMG_2179After breakfast, I went to the office to check on mail. Sure enough, we had mail. The fireplace had arrived. We had Christmas in January and we got another white Christmas. How cool is that?

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


One response to “Christmas in January

  1. Merry Christmas! Glad you found a f/p that will work in your Class A.

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