It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

We are ready for Santa and his reindeer. Normally we decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving Weekend. That did not happen this year because we were fixin’ to move to another site. We finally got it done and wanted to share our Christmas with everyone.

IMG_2118About a week ago, I got the outside lights up. This is the first year we decorated outside our RV. This is also the first year we will be spending Christmas in our RV and away from family. Last year, our kids came to Townsend, TN for Christmas. We used our decorations to deck the halls in a rustic cabin the kids rented. For Christmas 2012, we parked at Admiralty RV in San Antonio while the kids rented a condo across town. We used our decorations then to deck the halls at the condo.

IMG_2159All the stockings have been hung with care just knowing Santa will make an appearance. One can never be too careful about stocking placement, especially when there is no fireplace or anything that resembles a fireplace nearby.

IMG_2160Our living room slide is decked out as well. The lighted garland provides ambient lighting while we chill when not working or playing.

IMG_2151Of course we have Santa and Annie Claus with Rudolph keeping our printer warm. Carol made the quilted pad they sit on and she made the cowboy stocking that is waiting for Santa’s visit.

IMG_2152Carol also made the angel stocking that is perched next to her Elf head ornament.

IMG_2150This is a new tree for us this year. Our 32″ fiber light tree will not fit on the credenza. New 24″ tree means new ornaments as well.

IMG_2157This cute Twelve Days of Christmas tree has been with us for several years. The 12 Jim Shore ornaments represent the items from the song.

IMG_2154And no Christmas decorating would be complete without a manger set.

Simple and sweet – Christmas in an RV complete with snow on the blog. We will miss our kids this year. We will be together in spirit, just not in body.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


One response to “It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

  1. Like the way your cowboy hat hangs next to the stockings to catch any overflow. The lighted garland looks nice. Might have to look into getting some of that for next year. One of the guys here says he looks every morning (it’s still dark when he gets here) to see if we have lights outside. No . . . but I might see if I have another string or two in storage to toss on the bushes. Merry Christmas, you two!

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