Going to The Dogs

At the end of yesterday’s blog entry, I mentioned we would be going to the dogs today. After breakfast we went to the Amarillo Civic Center to watch the last day of the Panhandle Kennel Club Dog Show. As with many AKC sanctioned dog shows, there are three main events: Rally, Obedience, and Confirmation. The Panhandle Kennel Club Dog Show did not have Agility, Tracking or Field Trials events.

  • Rally is an interesting event that is gaining popularity with many dog lovers. The dog and handler navigates a course that tests the dog’s ability to follow the handler’s silent instructions. Carol and I participated in Rally several years ago. The orange cones identify the stations and are marked with instructions that the handler must read, then instruct the dog on how to act. Points are assessed based on performance.


  • Obedience is similar to rally except there is no course to navigate. Instead the handler follows the judge’s instruction and signals the dog to behave accordingly. Some of the instructions are simple like, left turn or about turn. Some of the instructions are more complicated such as finding an article with the handler’s scent on it. In the following photo, the dog was released to go find the object that has the handlers scent on it. A well-trained dog will find his handler’s scented object. This level of competition requires many hours of training and dedication.


  • Confirmation is (in my opinion) the most complex and tedious competition for dogs. You may be familiar with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show or the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York. Entrants in these two nationally televised shows are by invitation. Smaller shows, such as what we observed today is open to all AKC registered breeds. There is no way I can justly describe the confirmation process other than to say, you should attend a local show or watch one of the national shows.

Today we saw plenty of pampered Poodles of all sizes.DSC_0009We also saw cute and adorable wiener dogs better known as Dachshunds like this pair.

DSC_0016And a rather large Neapolitan Mastiffs, like this ‘friendly’ fellow.

DSC_0019It was an enjoyable morning watching all the dogs being primped and prepped for the judges’ sharp eye. And it was enjoyable watching the different breeds interact with each other. If you are a dog lover and have never observed an AKC sanctioned dog show, I urge you to contact your local kennel club and volunteer. They always need help at dog shows. I believe you will find volunteering very educational.

After a morning with the dogs, we came back to our home on wheels. Today was moving day. We have been parked in a temporary site since we got here. A couple of the summer workampers have left making room for us to move into our winter site. It was a short move, just across the street. After a couple of hours, we were set up in our new location with our yard sign and flags posted in the yard. Our new site faces north instead of west. We may need a blanket on our windshield when Mother Nature decides to send her cold arctic air southward. At least we will be a little cooler when the setting sun no longer hits the windshield.

IMG_2006Tomorrow starts another work week for us. We work the 1:00PM to 8:00PM shift for the next five days. We are enjoying our time here and are making new friends with the other workampers and RV park manager. Thanks for stopping by – y’all come back now.

One response to “Going to The Dogs

  1. I remember all of the time we spent at various dog shows growing up. I’m glad y’all are having fun up there!

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