Playing Tourist

We had a wonderful day playing tourist. Who knew there was a great RV museum in Texas? We certainly did not know that. Fortunate for us, Jack Sisemore Traveland is home to a cool RV museum that is free and contains a small sampling of iconic RV’s from the past. Located in a large building in the back of the dealership, Jack Sisemore Traveland Museum is a hidden gem. And we learned today the Jack Sisemore Traveland is the largest Winnebago dealership in Texas. That may come in handy while we are here. They have friendly staff and from what we hear, a great service department.
DSCN0709From vintage motor cycles
DSCN0666To a replica of Jack Sisemore’s service station (before he got into the RV business)
DSCN0708Visitors can take a trip back in time to see how early RVer’s traveled. And they can see the 1948 Flxible that was used by he Gornike family in the Robin Williams movie “RV”.
DSCN0669For a quick view of the RV’s we saw today, click here. It was really a cool trip back in time.

We also took a quick trip out to the infamous Cadillac Ranch on I-40. The weather was wet so the grounds were muddy. We decided this would be an adventure for another day.
DSCN0710There are other cool places for us to visit while we are in Amarillo. We will have plenty of time for that.DSCN0707Thanks for stopping by – y’all come back now.

One response to “Playing Tourist

  1. Nice blast from the past in that RV Museum. I put it on the bucket list.

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