WHOA! What Happened To August?

Somehow, I lost a month? Yep, no blog entry for August. How did that happen? Better yet, what happened in August? Best way for me to figure out what happened is to check the photo log.


We went to Paris. That’s right, we took a trip to Paris. No not Paris, France – Paris, Missouri. Paris is a small, quaint town a few miles down the road from us. The city’s website calls Paris a throwback to a bygone era: people live in harmony; kids are free to be kids; elderly are treated with respect; and no one is afraid to take a walk in the evening.

DSC_0585We enjoyed breakfast at Jonsey’s Cafe.

IMG_1096Even bought a truck for my brother. He collects Texaco memorabilia so if you run across something in your travels, please let me know.

New Furniture

We decide to replace the very uncomfortable couch bed that came with our RV with a couple of recliners. There just is not any single piece of furniture that fits us just right. Our recliners were delivered on August 6th. Since the width of the space where the recliners go is tight, we opted to order motorized recliners. This makes it easier to choose a reclining position without the need to reach between the recliners to pull a lever. Why did we wait so long to do this? Our next improvement will be to get rid of the booth style dining table. That will be replaced with a storage credenza and some sort of bistro table or dining bar.


We started the month with some pretty cool weather. Lows in the 50’s with highs in the 70’s. Not to be left out of the heat, Mother Nature brought us about four days of heat with highs in the low 100’s. Thankfully the humidity was low so the heat was tolerable.

Awning Repair

Before we arrived here, our awning arms were broken in a freak gust of wind. I replaced the arms back in June but did not tension the springs. It was time to do that so we could roll the awning up. It was not difficult other than removing the safety cotter pin after the spring had the correct amount of tension. Once that was removed, everything worked as expected.


Of course, there was plenty of work to do around the park. More electrical work and other stuff kept me pretty busy.

elec Service Panel-cutoffSewing

Carol had to opportunity to crank up the sewing projects she had not been able to work on this summer. She was in her zone in the club house where she was able to spread out a bit.

Carol SewingAfter all that work, it was time for a break – ‘feet off the floor time’ for me and nap time for MeiLing. Cody just sprawled out on the floor.

RestingFall is in the air as is evident from the leaves falling on the ground.

IMG_1143I leave you with this parting shot of our ‘catch and release’ fishing hole.

IMG_1100Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.

One response to “WHOA! What Happened To August?

  1. I always enjoy reading your updates. Sorry Laura didn’t get to come see you this summer…I would have enjoyed getting to meet you!

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