New Skills for Resume

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Adding new skills for the old resume is always a good thing. Today I’ve updated our resume on to include camper church preaching, ice moving and electrical pedestal replacement.  And since I’m updating our resume that means our resume will bubble up to the top of the heap for prospective campground managers to consider.

Camper Church

Carol and I have been leading Camper Church for about 7 weeks now. We were asked to take over due to the departure of another workamper who was doing this. While neither of us are professionally trained or licensed pastors, we do love telling folks about our Christian experiences. Camper Church is not a formal church service.  Attendance can be anywhere from 4 to 40.  We’ve received good feedback from the local folks and the weekenders.

IMG_1062Ice Mover

This is not a big task but it is something I do as part of my maintenance job. When the ice runs low in the store, one of the ladies calls maintenance to ‘front’ the ice. Fronting is a grocery term that means moving the shelf stock to the front edge of the shelf. Fronting the ice means a trip to the ice freezer. That is a cool job to have on a hot day. Small bags are on the left, large bags on the right. The hand-operated pallet lifter makes the work much easier.


Electrical Service Pedestal Replacement

Mark Twain Landing RV Resort has a mix of 30 amp and 50 amp electrical hookups. We are working on replacing many of the 30 amp pedestals with newer 50 amp pedestals. Campers will then have the option of plugging into 30 or 50 amp service as needed. We target the 30 amp service pedestals that have been known to be problematic. Here is an example of a problematic pedestal. The plastic cover in the photo on the left shows a hole that was caused by excessive heating. The photo on the right shows what probably happened in the past. Apparently a resistive short occurred causing a wire to burn off (see arrow). The problem was corrected but the pedestal was not replace at that time. Today, I replaced it..

30A pedestalOur two young guys dug out the old pedestal. My job was to install and wire the new pedestal. I was supervised by our workamping electrician, George. He approved the work and said I can now add this skill to my resume. The large size wires are required since they can carry 200 amps of service to the RV sites. This is the kind of power that can be deadly if not handled properly. George said I did a good job with this installation. He even commented that he could leave now since someone else could do this work. I am sure he was joking about leaving.

50-Amp PedestalSo, there you have it. New skills for the maintenance guy. Cool.

Speaking of cool, we have had some beautiful fall like weather for the past several days. Low temps have been in the 50’s while highs have been hovering in the high 70’s and low 80’s. Tonight we are expecting a bit of rain. Sure wish I could send the cool and rain to our family in Texas.

That’s it for this time. Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.

2 responses to “New Skills for Resume

  1. Sounds like lots of fun Jerry. Looks like you’re enjoying a summer unlike Texas.

  2. That is some variety of skills there. If you decide to do a NOMADS project again, make sure you sign up for one of our teams!

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