Three Day Weekend

Yep, you heard that correct. We had a three-day weekend. Our schedule was adjusted so we will be on the clock during the 4th of July weekend blowout. Normally we have Thursday/Friday off. Next weekend, the park is at capacity starting Wednesday night. We will be off on Thursday and at work on Friday-Sunday. Then our normal schedule resumes the following week. Confusing?

Thursday we did our normal shopping, clothes washing stuff. I also had an appointment with an allergy doc on Thursday so my projects had to be cut short. Friday Carol headed to town for a mani/pedi while I chilled at the RV. My Friday project required that she be hanging around just in case someone needed to call 911. Saturday we played tourist and traveled to Paris. Tonight we are relaxing and getting caught up on stuff that has been on the back burner for a while.

So what was the Thursday project? Our original kitchen sink faucet did not have a sprayer and the water filter dispenser leaked steadily. We shopped for a new faucet and filter set the week before. As with most home improvement projects, fittings change, tools change and well, you just never have the proper stuff to make the new parts fit in the place of old parts. For folks living in big cities, that is not a problem since the big box stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc are generally a few minutes away. Once I removed the old faucet and filter, I realized the fittings on the new parts did not match up with the existing plumbing connections.

I took a trip to the very close RV store and was promptly told you cannot use residential parts in an RV. Obviously this fellow did not know who he was dealing with. I do not pay RV prices for anything unless it is absolutely necessary. So I came back to our RV empty-handed knowing I would need to find a different solution. A trip to Lowe’s would be required. In the meanwhile, we had the water cut off to the motor home and I needed a shower. A few minutes later and a quick trip to the RV park’s shower, I’m ready for doc apt and my trip to Lowe’s.

When we got back, I was able to get everything back in place with no parts left over, water turned on with no leaks, and a new faucet and filter at the kitchen sink. On the left is the old hardware, on the right is the new. I’m stuck in the middle. Good thing I’ve lost weight.

sinkEverything works except for the low flow from the filter faucet. Not sure what that is about just yet. The faucet/sprayer works as expected.

Friday’s project was to replace the support arms on our awning. Back in February, we had our awning out while in Alabama. A sudden strong wind came up and flip the awning over the top of the motor home. The fabric was OK and the main roll bar was OK. The support arms were mangled. Calling around, we figured the support arms would cost around $300 plus shipping. If the fabric was torn we could have justified an insurance claim to replace the entire awning. I just hated to spend $300 without exhausting all other options. As I was ending my rounds here at Mark Twain Landing, I emptied my butt pail (full of trash collected around the park) into the large compactor. I found one of the support arms I needed in the compactor. Cool. Then I found more awning support arms in a few other places. Actually I believe God led me to the parts because I had been praying for them for a couple of months now.

Carol was my supervisor as I worked. I even managed to get on the roof of motor home to get rid of the rope that was holding the rolled up awning in place. The only thing left to do is tension the springs in the awning tube. I revisited an RV website and found one of my early friends had a link on how to do this – the safe way. That will be another project.

awningEverything is strapped down tight, plus the awning is facing East. Not likely to have a strong east wind since Mother Nature visits from the West.

Saturday was a day to play. We had a late breakfast then took a drive to Paris. Paris, MO that is. On the way there we made a side trip to Indian Creek Recreation Area on the other end of Mark Twain Lake. This is a Corps of Engineer Park that has 249 sites and is the largest of all COE parks in the system.  Sites are wooded and spaced out. We enjoyed our drive through the camping area because we saw some cool RVs.

Indian CreekThe RV on the left wins the prize for smallest RV ever, while the yellow Love Shack wins the prize for “hippest” or “coolest”.

Moving on down the road, we arrived in Paris, MO and began our search for our coveted covered bridge. There are only 4 covered bridges in the sate of Missouri and we were close to one – Union Covered Bridge. Of the four covered bridges in MO, this the only one constructed using Burr Arch Truss design. In fact, this bridge incorporates two on each side of the bridge.  We stopped for photos and a walk through the bridge with the fur babies.

Union Covered BridgeWe headed back to our home and enjoyed leftover 3-envelope Roast. This was a good recipe that we will do again. The front that was pushing through our area finally pushed through. By the time we got back to RV Park, temperature was around 71. Many of our Texas friends are enduring record heat this summer. Corpus Christi recorded a record high of 107 today. We are glad we are in Missouri.

We are hunting for a winter job with Corps of Engineers in Texas as Gate Attendant. Their bid list comes out in two weeks. Not sure where we will end up just yet. When God let’s us know, I will let you know.

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.

4 responses to “Three Day Weekend

  1. Sounds like a nice Saturday. Hey, the roast recipe sounds yummy; clipped it and will give it a try. Thanks! Being a gate attendant at a COE park in Texas has always been one gig I’d like; hope you get it!

  2. The roast sounds good. Guess I need to find a crock pot again! Nice job on the faucet and awning arms. Free is WAY better than $300…

  3. Bob & Carol Higginbotham

    So glad to hear from you and so glad that all is well with the two of you and your fur babies. We enjoy the pictures and your posting so much. Hope that you and Carol had a safe and a fun filled 4th of July. Always let God guide your path and he will lead you to what you need in life (even parts for the RV). LOL! God is so good he is so good to us. Please update often. Oh, by the way are you interested in ever coming back to the Llama farm?

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