In Search of Spring

Today we left Paducah, KY. To make the day’s journey interesting, I thought I would search for Spring. It seems like most of the folks in the norther 2/3 of America is looking for Spring. If I could find Spring, I might be able to save Punxsutawney Phil from his demise. Fox news reports that Michael Gmoser, prosecuting attorney in Butler County, Pennsylvania said Phil’s inaccurate forecast warrants capital punishment. Remember, on Feb 2, 2013 he proclaimed that Spring would be here in six weeks. And so far, Spring has not sprung.

Off we go, searching for Spring on I-24 across at the Ohio River.

IMG_0879 Nope, Spring is not floating on the Ohio River. Maybe Spring is at the Illinois state line preparing to spring a surprise on travelers.

IMG_0882Nope, Spring is nowhere to be found. Maybe Phil hid Spring on the side of the road.

IMG_0883Not on the south side of the road. Maybe on the North side?

DSCN0293Well, it looks promising here. Lets look a little more. Maybe Spring is at the Missouri state line?

DSCN0302Or floating in the Mississippi River.

DSCN0303No, Spring is not there either. I am not sure what Phil did with Spring. I will not give up the search.

DSCN0304Still have not found Spring. I think it is time to send out Cody and MeiLing. Maybe they can find Spring.

IMG_0887Cody! Did you find Spring?
Nope, nothing here but more snow. I think MeiLing has picked up a scent.

IMG_0888Hey, MeiLing! Having any luck finding Spring?
Are you kidding me? Spring is nowhere to be found.

Phil, I tried to help you find Spring. What’s the deal man?

Lying PhilThanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.

3 responses to “In Search of Spring

  1. Ha! Great post! Thanks for looking, anyway . . .

  2. Soooo funny Dad. Good job!!!

    Thanks! Laura

    Sent from my iPhone—please excuse any typos.

  3. I think Spring is hanging out in Texas! Of course you guys are off to see the world right now, but remember it will be here next winter…

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